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Product Manager at Platzi

Job Type
6+ years
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About the role

Job functions

You will be managing a cross-functional team responsible for a share of the Platzi experience, starting with leading the ideation process, also the articulation of a clear strategy to deliver value backed with metrics.

Qualifications and requirements

We are still a startup, grownup, but a startup at our core, this is the place where you can make things happen and we expect you to bring change and enrich our culture, structure, and processes, you should be able to:

  • Defines the release process and identifies the cross-functional activities necessary to bring the product (or feature) to market.
  • Develop, apply and communicate a clear prioritization strategy.
  • Create buy-in for the product vision and roadmap.
  • Deep knowledge of the product, the market and customers.
  • Work closely with teammates in engineering, marketing, sales and success.

Desirable skills

solid technical background as a Product Designer, Frontend or Mobile Developer, Backend or Data Scientist will help you to integrate with the team, studies and/or certification on Agile Methodologies and Project Management are appreciated.

Why you should join Platzi

Platzi is the largest technology school in Spanish. Our students grow their income 2x to 10x after studying with us for 12-18 months. We teach programming, devops, UI design, marketing, A/V production and every other skill in the digital economy.

Platzi is the official education platform of several governments in Latin America and seven YC companies have founders who studied at Platzi.