Heroku for Data Science.

Senior Frontend Engineer

$100k - $130k / 0.50%
New York
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3+ years
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Eduardo Blancas
Eduardo Blancas

About the role

About us

Ploomber (YC W22) is the Heroku for Data Science. We help data scientists build faster and deploy anywhere with our cloud platform. Want to build new products and improve data scientists' lives? Are you interested in building products from the ground up, and work on highly impactful technical challenges to help data teams build faster? Have a central role in our company? Our development cycle is extremely fast, it's common to write code and have it running live on production just hours later. If you work with us, you will be able to make an impact immediately. Ploomber is seeking Front-end Developers to join our engineering team and bring our front-end to the next level. As a Senior Software Engineer at Ploomber, you’ll drive and architect our front-end development of the logic behind Ploomber's open source and cloud products, create code that reaches thousands of data scientists, work with data, machine learning and be a part of an intimate team that’s working to help data teams collaborate better. We want our product to have the best user experience while having a well-engineered front-end that allows fast iterations and high component reusability.


  • Lead & oversight of our existing front-end practice. Choose the best tech stack and workflow, and work with our backend developers to make it a reality
  • Develop & design reusable frontend components and services
  • Take ownership of our adoption of frontend performance best practices
  • Build with our UI\UX designer beautiful interfaces for machine learning use cases.

What We Look For

  • Improve our support for mobile web browsers
  • 5+ years of industry experience working as a front-end developer.
  • Experience in Javascript, and in frontend frameworks like React or similar.
  • Experience in web performance tuning - desktop and mobile.
  • Experience working with Git and Github.
  • Experienced in thinking in terms of product goals, translating them to technical solutions, and implementing those solutions.
  • Experience with frontend infrastructure, such as npm, webpack, or similar.


  • Experience in at least one more programming language like Python, Java, etc.
  • Experience in the non-frontend aspects of web application development
  • Experience designing UX\UI
  • Curious about data science, machine learning, and DevOps
  • Enjoying activities such as speaking at events, writing blog posts about your work, and interacting with our developer communities.

Why you should join Ploomber

We are building a cloud platform to help data scientists develop and deploy projects without a dedicated engineering team to support them. Our tools are helping data scientists have more ownership over their work and work more efficiently using interactive tools such as Jupyter.

Our open-source framework has gathered 2.4k stars on GitHub and is used by dozens of organizations spanning Fortune 100 companies, top research universities, and startups.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Eduardo Blancas
Eduardo Blancas
Ido Michael
Ido Michael