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Senior Software Engineer

$160K - $180K
Remote / Remote (US)
Job Type
6+ years
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About the role

About Us

We are a fast-growing Y Combinator-backed company with over 30 million users. We're building bleeding-edge technology for developers and amateurs to create immersive experiences and worlds inside our virtual universe.

We believe that the future of virtual worlds is bright, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this industry. As we continue to grow and expand our platform, we're looking for talented individuals to join us on this journey of innovation and creativity. If you're passionate about building the platform to power virtual experiences that bring people together and push the boundaries of what's possible, we want you on our team!

About the Role

As a Senior Software Engineer, your main responsibility will be working on backend services for Highrise. You will be building and maintaining the underlying systems and infrastructure that support the application, which has over 2 million monthly active users. You will work on a variety of projects for the 2D (and soon also 3D) virtual environment. From a technical standpoint, the projects may include authentication systems, messaging, and notifications, search and discovery mechanisms, payment processing, content moderation, analytics, and more.

Our Current Backend Stack:

  • Async typed Python (similar to typescript)

  • MongoDB

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS

Here are the skills and qualities we're looking for in our ideal candidate:

  • You have very good Python programming skills with at least 8 years of backend software experience.

  • You’ve built and maintained a product with at least 100,000 daily active users

  • You have strong knowledge of distributed systems. You have knowledge of AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, or other similar infrastructure platforms and tools.

  • You have experience with designing systems and monitoring metrics.

  • You have experience architecting, designing, and implementing a wide array of software products.

  • You are able to take a nebulous project, architect a solution, split it up into tasks, and ultimately get it done quickly and efficiently.

  • You know how to earn the respect and trust of other engineers within the company as a strong technical leader and mentor for others.

  • You have a reputation for launching quality, turbulence-free code, and projects.

  • You have experience in taking leadership of a project or a team.

  • You have excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • You are self-driven and require little direction to do your best work.

  • You excel in start-up and fast-paced environments, in which you may wear many hats.

About Pocket Worlds

Who We Are

Sitting at the intersection of social networking and gaming, we empower creativity and connection in a digital world. Our mission is to build deep, rich virtual worlds where everyone belongs.

We have been working towards this mission for a decade. We are the creators of Highrise (https://highrise.game/), the first virtual world on mobile, which has seen extraordinary growth over the last few years and now boasts over 20 million users across iOS and Android. Every day, the citizens of Highrise come together to hang out, explore, create, collect, and trade in our metaverse, and we are on the precipice of making history once again with our expansion into Highrise World.

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