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3+ years
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About the role

Poll Everywhere is a 60-person growing b2B SaaS company. Over the last decade, our company has worked to transform presentations into two-way conversations. Our mission now is to make presentations more inclusive. Presenters from Google, Target, AT&T, and thousands more trust Poll Everywhere at their most vulnerable moments: in front of an audience. Our product creates interactive questions, word clouds, and discussions to gather instant feedback in a style that goes beyond a simple Q&A forum. In short, we have a product that helps companies communicate better, and it's worth paying for. We're driven to honor this trust.

At Poll Everywhere, we strive to create learning opportunities for those who are proactive. Personal development and collaboration is an important part of how we decide to form our teams, not just who is available or most familiar with a potential project.

As a product designer at Poll Everywhere, you'll be working with a small team of designers, engineers and product managers to ship new features and improve our existing products. You'll get to know our customers and understand their challenges via interviews, product data and your weekly customer service hour. You'll keep their needs in mind while working towards the ultimate goal of solving their problems. You also take into account Poll Everywhere's design system, technical constraints, production costs, as well as the team of engineers and product managers you're collaborating with to implement your designs.

When you’re not building products alongside a feature team, you’re improving the design process and your craft with a small group of talented and passionate designers. You'll look critically at our processes, tooling, and design systems to determine what to cut and add to make the design team succeed.

What you'll be doing

  • Working day-to-day alongside engineers and product managers to ship solutions to our customers.
  • Share your work, show your process. You’ll have ample opportunities to show your work at bi-weekly visual standup meetings, stakeholder meetings, company town hall and while collaborating with product teams.
  • Inspire and mentor fellow designers, engineers, and stakeholders to play an active role in our design process. While you are solving design problems within a feature team, you’ll be teaching teammates about design.
  • Refine and iterate your designs through a balance of data and gut.
  • Bring your work to life with Figma, the Poll Everywhere design system, user testing tools, and modern prototyping tools.
  • Show humility in seeking feedback, balanced with enough grit to advocate for the people who use our product.
  • Solicit, build, socialize and test highly effective, attractive user-focused interfaces across various use cases including responsive web layouts, desktop applications, and data visualizations.
  • Solve new and existing challenges related to usability, user flow, and information architecture with close attention to detail and a foundation in relevant experience, research, and systematic, logical thinking.
  • Maintain and contribute to Poll Everywhere Design System.


  • User-centric design - consider contexts, form-factors, accessibility
  • Tools - Proficient in Figma, Usability Hub (or similar user testing software)
  • Experienced - Minimum 3-5 years experience
  • Background - design degree preferred but not required
  • Business-minded - understand design’s impact on retention, revenue
  • Hobbies - you’re involved in the community or have an interesting side-project
  • Interest in how design gets shipped - Prototyping, development, curiosity, constraints (this role works very closely with Engineering)
  • Ship your work - Work closely with Product, Growth and Developers to help you execute
  • Communication - Clearly articulate your ideas over chat, email, or in presentations to the company

Our company and design team operate on Pacific Time. We strongly prefer someone located in the Pacific Time zone.

Why you should join Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere stands out for being one of the very few successful growth startups who are purposefully unfunded after YC's initial $20K investment. Our mission is to improve presentations by turning them into two-way conversations. That started with putting several "clicker" companies out of business and quickly becoming the largest text message voting platform. It continues with interactive tools and games that make presenters more authentic listeners and teachers. Poll Everywhere has been used in millions of everyday presentations, at over 75% of the Fortune 1000, thousands of universities, even on prime time TV. Presenters at TED, Google, McDonalds and Stanford trust us to enliven their slides.