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Founding ML Engineer - Co-founder level role at a YC startup backed by Bloomberg, Felicis, Figma, AI grant

$120k - $250k / 0.25% - 5.00%
San Francisco, CA / Remote ()
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Any (new grads ok)
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Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal

About the role

Poly is a Stanford/Berkeley generative ai startup for designers (backed by YC, Bloomberg, Felicis, Figma, etc.). We just raised $4M and are looking for a founding ML research engineer to join our 2 co-founders.


We need a talented individual who can be a founding member of a world-class ML team. You must have significant experience (or significant enthusiasm) in developing/improving our foundation in AI, including in the following areas:

  • Generative deep learning models (e.g. GAN, diffusion, recurrent, etc.)
  • AI pipelines (training, validation, optimization) & MLOps
  • Inference at scale (high-throughput, distributed, auto-scaling)
  • In-browser applications (WebGPU, WASM, etc.)

Send a friend request on LinkedIn with a short blurb (in the connection request) to me, and I will be 1000+% more likely to see and respond to your interest :) My bio is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samtyoung/

Why you should join Poly

Poly (https://withpoly.com) is DALL-E/Stable Diffusion for professional design assets. We let you generate 4K HD, commercially-licensed design assets with just a text prompt. We are currently live with our first model, which generates textures for 3D models (example: https://wthp.ly/Mu7LsB5dki). Our vision is to disrupt the $100B creative assets industry with AI-generated illustrations, icons, textures, sound effects, and much more. We're hoping to build the world's professional design library that anyone can use and any product can connect to.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal
Sam Young
Sam Young