SQL editor for teams

Head of Engineering at PopSQL

$150k - $250k / 0.50% - 1.50%
Job Type
6+ years
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Rahil Sondhi
Rahil Sondhi

About the role

Ideal candidate

  • Strong with our stack, front and back
  • Hands on enough that you can contribute code ~50% of the time. You'll be looked at as the most senior engineer on the team, making architecture decisions, managing technical debt, helping teammates debug issues
  • Previous engineering management experience: mentoring/coaching reports, creating a high performing software team, balancing velocity and quality, creating a strong engineering culture
  • Strong product sense: have a taste for UX/UI, ability to ship things quickly and iteratively
  • Interest in data analytics
  • Ability to attract talent and grow the engineering team


  • React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo
  • Rails, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL, Terraform
  • One new node.js service communicating with Rails via gRPC

Challenges we face

  • User experience: we want to build a delightful experience and beautiful interface for our users. How can we build powerful features that help people get to insights fast, and make it fun to use?
  • Scalability: our users query and analyze large datasets in PopSQL, so our frontend and backend systems need to be performant and reliable to support these workflows.
  • Team agility: as an early-stage startup, our objective is to balance product quality with speed within a rapid feedback loop with customers; not an easy feat!

Why you should join PopSQL

Every company wants to use data to make informed decisions, and SQL is the lingua franca for data. However, data collaboration is broken. People are rewriting each other's queries, switching apps to visualize their data, and copying/pasting SQL into Slack.

PopSQL solves this by creating a beautiful, fun way to write SQL, visualize data, and share results. The product is loved by data teams from over 2000 companies including DoorDash, Shipt, Redfin, and Optimizely. What we've built so far is just the beginning. Join us and build a great product, a great culture, and a great company 🚀