Medicinal Chemistry powered by Machine Learning

Senior Cheminformatics Scientist at PostEra

$85k - $160k / 0.50% - 1.30%
Bay Area, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Alpha Lee
Alpha Lee

About the role

Required: Strong background in medicinal chemistry and cheminformatics tools, strong statistical and quantitative skills, experienced with modern software engineering tools (Git, Linux, AWS).

Desired: experience with high-performance programming languages (C++, etc.), experience in drug development.

PostEra is building a one-stop-shop for medicinal chemistry to serve the world's drug hunters.

We need your help to develop algorithms for synthetically-aware molecular design and retrosynthesis. You will work closely with domain experts in drug discovery to incorporate medicinal chemistry knowledge into scalable algorithms, and relentlessly get to the truth about what works and what doesn’t in tools for drug discovery. Your favorite tool is whichever one helps the world cure more diseases faster, full stop.

See how we've been using this technology to discover a COVID cure through crowd-sourcing:

Why you should join PostEra

What do we do?

PostEra offers medicinal chemistry as a service. Drug discovery R&D is slow and expensive and this limits biotechs and pharma from getting new drugs into development and new cures to patients. PostEra is building a one-stop-shop for medicinal chemistry, powered by machine learning, to serve the world's ever expanding community of drug hunters while also leading the world's largest open-science initiative to find a COVID cure; COVID Moonshot.

What are we working on?

The answer is many things but here's our top priorities right now:

  1. Partnerships: We partner with drug hunters and help them get cures to patients faster. We're currently collaborating with Pfizer and several small biotechs, using all of PostEra's ML to help their drug discovery.

  2. We are building Manifold; the first-of-its-kind cloud platform for scientists to design and order molecules.

  3. COVID Moonshot: PostEra is helping lead the world's largest open-source drug discovery effort. Moonshot is an international team of scientists working on an antiviral cure for COVID. Our platform for crowd-sourcing drug designs has received over 15,000 submissions and we're now moving to in vivo testing of the most promising of these compounds.

How are we funded?

PostEra has raised over $2.5m since inception from leading Angel investors as well as several Bay Area VCs.