Prelim is simplifying the go-to-market digital originations process…

Account Executive at Prelim

Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Chris Blaser
Chris Blaser

About the role

You will:

  • Follow up with existing conversations, and incoming conversations..
  • Develop relationships with intermediaries that can refer banks as customers and bankers.
  • Put together sales proposals and contracts by scoping contracts, pricing, and doing any setup work necessary for the customer.
  • Partner closely with product to understand what new and potential customers need, want, and love about Prelim.

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Demonstrated academic excellence at a 4 year university
  • Have a competitive spirit and strive for excellence
  • Have an ability to exercise sound judgement and integrity
  • Can work well under pressure and have a positive attitude
  • Have strong interpersonal, communication and analytical skills

Why you should join Prelim

Prelim is simplifying the go-to-market digital originations process for banks, helping banks help people.

Banks spend billions of dollars on one-size fits all solutions to originate their products. When banks want to do something as simple as change copy, or add a new set of questions, banks are forced to either pay per hour, seek out a new vendor, or build it themselves.

This makes banks inflexible to respond to changing market needs, sometimes forcing banks to post a pdf on their website just to get something live. This occurred at some of the largest banks in the United States when trying to roll out the Paycheck Protection Program.

Our templates, drag and drop integrations, and no-code form builder allow banks to quickly deploy in days, not years, with significantly lower costs and higher quality.