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Senior Product Designer, Growth (UK - Remote)

London (Remote) / Remote
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About the role

At A Glance

Us: Profitable and funded startup of 50+ people. Remote team, mainly based in the UK. YC alumni. Creating a web-based platform for behavioural research. 3x yearly growth, all driven by word-of-mouth.

We’re on a mission to connect people around the world to make trustworthy data more accessible and facilitate world-changing research.

Creating a new cross-functional Growth Squad and already accepted onto the Startup Core Strengths program for their next intake.

You: Senior Product Designer who has previously led the design of world-class product launches in a fast-growing company.

The Role

We're looking for an experienced Product Designer to lead design in a newly formed, cross-functional team dedicated to finding the most valuable growth levers for our business. This is a unique opportunity to have a huge impact on us achieving our growth objectives for 2021, and to work alongside our heads of Growth and Product.

At Prolific, our fast growth has been almost entirely organic until now. We now have more than 10,000 active researchers and 170,000 active participants using our product, with more than 11 million responses collected during 2020.

We're on a mission to become the most trusted, powerful and accessible platform for research on the internet, and discovering successful growth opportunities will be key to our success.

We care deeply about building an inclusive and diverse team. We offer flexible hours, an open, friendly culture and meaningful share option allocation. Our team is currently fully remote due to the coronavirus pandemic, with plans to provide flexible co-working spaces when possible.

What You'll Do

  • Lead design in a newly-formed Growth Squad. This will involve identifying and solving real user problems, driving growth and revenue for our business through the definition and design of our product.
  • Work as part of a dedicated, cross-functional team. You'll be responsible for all design work, from interviewing users and mapping their journeys and experiences, through to the final design details and assets.
  • Be an expert on our users and advocate for their needs. You'll interact with our passionate users in a variety of ways, running your own research and analysis when required and joining user research sessions organised by others in the team. Your goal will be to deeply understand their needs, pain points and 'aha' moments, ensuring everything we do solves significant user problems.
  • Use data to make decisions. Whether utilising quantitative user behaviour and survey data, or taking qualitative insights from user testing and interviews, you'll make informed decisions through the rapid testing of innovative solutions.
  • Collaborate with all areas of our business. You'll work closely with our senior leadership team, product managers, designers, developers, data analysts and user researchers, ensuring they are deeply involved throughout the whole process.
  • Contribute to the creation of our design system. We're a relatively new team but recognise the importance and increased quality and pace that a design system brings, and you will contribute to this alongside the rest of our design team.

You Should Apply If

  • You've previously led the design of world-class products as part of a cross-functional team in a fast-growing business.
  • You understand that being a great product designer is about solving real user problems and needs in elegant, often simple ways. You make well-reasoned tradeoffs while advocating for the user at all time.
  • You care deeply about building accessible products which provide a delightful experience to users from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.
  • You're experienced and confident with a full range of design skills, covering the end-to-end design process from initial discovery through to launch and continued optimisation of a product.
  • You feel comfortable working at both a detailed and high-level, often in areas of uncertainty where continuous product discovery is essential.
  • You possess humility, optimism and a desire to learn and grow fast.

This Isn't For You If

  • You haven't worked as part of an in-house product team to build and launch a user-facing product or feature before. We know there are many great designers in agencies and consultancies, but due to the seniority of this role, we require strong experience embedded as a key member of a product development team.
  • You need the structure of established processes. We're building a brand new team and learning as we go, both from industry experts through our networks, but also through trial and error. As such, it's essential you have a proven track record of working in an uncertain environment.
  • You are looking for a mostly hand-off role leading other designers. While people management may be a requirement as we grow and hire more junior designers, at this stage we are looking for a strong individual contributor to join the team and own a full range of design tasks.

Why you should join Prolific

What we do

With Prolific, we're changing how research on the internet is done. Katia and Phelim started by building a marketplace that connects researchers (from both Academia and industry) with instant, high quality, global research participants. Now, as a growing team of 17, the bigger vision is to build the most powerful and trusted platform for behavioral research.

Our two-sided marketplace and ambitious growth plans come with many interesting challenges around how to accelerate growth, as we move from running thousands of studies a month, to tens of thousands. We hope to become the go-to infrastructure layer for "human responses" that empowers anybody – individuals, businesses, and governments – to make more evidence-based decisions.

We've recently been part of Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch, raised seed funding, and have decided to grow and scale the company from London, UK.

How we interview & hire

Our hiring process usually begins with an introductory online interview to help you get to know us better, and vice versa. At this stage, we would like to better understand your motivation for the role, get to know about your interests and personality, and learn about any relevant past experience or skills you might have. If this initial interview is successful, we'd then invite you to complete an assignment (<2 hours, you'll be compensated for the time spent), which will be reviewed by relevant team members. This will be followed by an in-depth, face-to-face interview in London, UK, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the assignment, explore value fit, which incentives you care about, and learn how you would work with the team on a daily basis.

Our core values

Prolific’s values are the fundamental beliefs upon which our business and its behaviour are based. They are the guiding principles that we use to manage ourselves as well as our relationship with customers.

Open Prolific aims to be as open as possible in the way it works, both externally and internally. This means that we put in place policies and practices that bring information out into the open wherever possible. We also support the principles of Open Science.

Thoughtful At Prolific we try to be thoughtful about everything we do. This means that we consider the short-and long-term consequences of our actions and decisions, both for users and coworkers, and society more generally. It also means we value and encourage diversity and inclusion.

Trustworthy Researchers, Participants, and anyone else we interact with should have trust in dealing with us, and in the results produced by our platform. Within our company we strive to be fair in the way we deal with each other and the decisions we make.

Improving human knowledge At the core of Prolific is the aim to improve human knowledge. Every decision we make ultimately works towards this goal.