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Content Marketing Manager, B2B (UK - Remote)

London (Remote) / Remote
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About the role

At A Glance

Us:  Profitable and funded startup of 50+ people. Remote team, mainly based in the UK. YC alumni. Creating a web-based platform for behavioural research. 3x yearly growth, all driven by word-of-mouth.

We’re on a mission to connect people around the world to make trustworthy data more accessible and facilitate world-changing research.

You: Content Strategist/Manager in the Tech or Education sector with a passion for shaping external communications strategies.

£45-55k  depending on skills and experience.

The Role

As the Content Marketing Manager working on our growing Marketing team, you'll be in charge of the content strategy, editing and promoting the Prolific blog and other website content, working with in-house and freelance writers and keeping all our external communications to a high standard.

We're just starting our Marketing efforts and have an ambitious plan of becoming the go-to online hub for researchers worldwide. You'll be a crucial part of shaping the story of Prolific, influencing how we talk to customers and acquire new ones to do groundbreaking research on the platform.

We want to create meaningful and compelling content for researchers and you'll be the main driver behind that, in charge of procuring and editing content written by our team, our users and freelance writers from the Prolific community.

What You'll Be Doing

  • You'll be in charge of managing our Content strategy and editing the Prolific blog.
  • You'll work with our team and freelance writers from our community to produce and distribute meaningful content for researchers worldwide.
  • You'll be on top of our external communications making sure our emails, website and social media follow the Prolific Tone of Voice.
  • You'll work closely with our Senior Marketing Manager on developing and executing new content marketing projects.
  • You'll work on promoting and distributing our content marketing efforts.
  • You'll stay close to our users and conduct interviews and create case studies to help them thrive with Prolific.
  • You'll own our website and landing pages and create new website content with other team members.

You Should Apply If You

  • Have worked in content marketing in technology or education for at least 3 years
  • Have a proven track record of managing content marketing for a B2B company
  • Have run and edited a company blog before
  • Are a decent writer and an exceptional editor
  • Have basic SEO skills needed to make sure our content is optimized for discovery.
  • Have a good understanding of analytics, and are able to use data to inform decisions
  • Have experience with email marketing, marketing automation and website copywriting
  • Have an Interest in Behavioral Science, Psychology and/or scientific research

Nice To Have

  • Experience working with agencies and freelancers before.
  • Experience of working remotely.

What We Offer

Pension (employer contribution 3% of base salary).

Share options.

Flexible working: Work equipment of your choice (paid for by us), and you can work flexibly from home or from our coworking space (also paid for by us).

Childcare flexibility: Need to pick your child up from school? No problem.

Comprehensive private health insurance that disregards medical history.

33 days holiday per year (25 days + bank holidays, which you can switch with your religious holiday).

£1000 yearly budget for education, growth, and training.

Personal growth opportunities and career progression (e.g., learn about the startup ecosystem, mentoring from executive team, learn about psychological science and research methods).

Open, transparent, and inclusive culture.

A company committed to carbon offsetting: we donate money in your name each month to plant trees and we offset travel as an organization each year.

Generous maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave.

The Company

At Prolific, we're changing how research on the internet is done. Our co-founders Katia and Phelim started by building a marketplace that connects researchers from both Academia and industry with instant, high quality, global research participants. Now, as a growing team, our bigger vision is to build the most powerful and trusted platform for behavioral research.

We were in Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch, we've recently closed a $1.4M seed round, we've been growing 3x a year purely through word-of-mouth, we're already profitable, and we have very ambitious plans.

The Interview Process

1. Initial Interview - You'll have a 30 - 45 minute interview with two members of the team where you'll have the opportunity to ask about the company and the role, and we'll ask you questions about your experiences and goals.

2. Assignment - There will be a 2 hour assignment that evaluates skills required for the role. You'll be compensated with a £50 voucher for completing the task because we know your time is valuable!

3. Final Interview - The final stage is a 1.5 - 2 hour interview where we'll deep dive into your past experiences, goals, motivations, and skills. You'll speak with two to three members of the team and - as always - have an opportunity to ask questions about the role and company.

Why you should join Prolific

What we do

With Prolific, we're changing how research on the internet is done. Katia and Phelim started by building a marketplace that connects researchers (from both Academia and industry) with instant, high quality, global research participants. Now, as a growing team of 17, the bigger vision is to build the most powerful and trusted platform for behavioral research.

Our two-sided marketplace and ambitious growth plans come with many interesting challenges around how to accelerate growth, as we move from running thousands of studies a month, to tens of thousands. We hope to become the go-to infrastructure layer for "human responses" that empowers anybody – individuals, businesses, and governments – to make more evidence-based decisions.

We've recently been part of Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch, raised seed funding, and have decided to grow and scale the company from London, UK.

How we interview & hire

Our hiring process usually begins with an introductory online interview to help you get to know us better, and vice versa. At this stage, we would like to better understand your motivation for the role, get to know about your interests and personality, and learn about any relevant past experience or skills you might have. If this initial interview is successful, we'd then invite you to complete an assignment (<2 hours, you'll be compensated for the time spent), which will be reviewed by relevant team members. This will be followed by an in-depth, face-to-face interview in London, UK, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the assignment, explore value fit, which incentives you care about, and learn how you would work with the team on a daily basis.

Our core values

Prolific’s values are the fundamental beliefs upon which our business and its behaviour are based. They are the guiding principles that we use to manage ourselves as well as our relationship with customers.

Open Prolific aims to be as open as possible in the way it works, both externally and internally. This means that we put in place policies and practices that bring information out into the open wherever possible. We also support the principles of Open Science.

Thoughtful At Prolific we try to be thoughtful about everything we do. This means that we consider the short-and long-term consequences of our actions and decisions, both for users and coworkers, and society more generally. It also means we value and encourage diversity and inclusion.

Trustworthy Researchers, Participants, and anyone else we interact with should have trust in dealing with us, and in the results produced by our platform. Within our company we strive to be fair in the way we deal with each other and the decisions we make.

Improving human knowledge At the core of Prolific is the aim to improve human knowledge. Every decision we make ultimately works towards this goal.