Marketplace Optimization

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

$100k - $400k / 0.25% - 1.60%
San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA / Remote (United States/Canada)
Job Type
3+ years
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Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates

About the role

Promoted is hiring a staff machine learning engineer with experience with social media, e-commerce, and ads recommendations. We are especially interested in people with search relevance modeling and experience with text, image embeddings, and event-sequence modeling. We expect that you have experience with training and deploying production models in Python and C++. An ideal candidate will know:

  • past engagement is the best predictor of future engagement
  • GBDT is usually the best model for a few hundred features on medium-sized data but has successfully used neural networks in production
  • knows the hell of forever A/B testing -0.1% loss improvements in launch reviews

Experience tech leading ads, search, discovery, or recommendations at top USA companies is a big plus.

About Promoted

Promoted optimizes marketplace search and promotes the best listings at the top to increase revenue. We match millions of buyers and sellers for our customers, who are all Top 100 a16z Marketplaces: Snackpass (#68), Hipcamp (#40), Outschool (#10), and Teachers Pay Teachers (#8). Our investors include Y Combinator and Y Combinator Continuity. We’re all ex-Facebook and Google ads engineers, and we’ve built this before together.

Why you should join

Promoted optimizes top online marketplaces. For example, on Airbnb, we would sort search and promote the best listings at the top to increase revenue. We are building a first-party-everywhere ad network. We are all ex-Facebook and Google ads engineers, and we have built this before together.
Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Dan Hill
Dan Hill
Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates