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Software Engineer - Continuous Deployment

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3+ years
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Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates

About the role

Promoted optimizes search, promotions, and ads for top marketplaces. For example, we increase Hipcamp's conversions by +9%. We’re all ex-Facebook and Google ads engineers, and we’ve built this before together. Our vision is to network all top marketplaces and build distributed Ad Words.

We’re hiring an engineer to lead our continuous delivery. We currently use GitHub Actions and Terraform. We’re building an advanced ML-powered service that has a critical impact on our customers, so deployment excellence is paramount. You will be working directly with Vlad, our SRE lead.


  • Lead our continuous deployment system effort.
  • Implement code pipelines, canaries, monitoring, etc.
  • Guide and support team.


  • Lots of system components. We already have over 20 services and DBs.
  • Wide variety of technologies.
  • MLOps and real-time training.

Why you should join

Promoted optimizes top marketplaces and then cross-promotes between them to build first-party-everywhere distributed adwords. We unify marketplace search, feed, promotions, and ads into one optimized system. We specialize in solving the in-house challenges of scaled marketplaces with multiple competing teams, vendors, and systems.
Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Dan Hill
Dan Hill
Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates