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Founding Engineer: Architect / Technical Lead

$200k - $250k / 0.50% - 1.00%
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6+ years
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Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson

About the role


Propify is hiring a founding engineer to act as the architect and technical lead for our platform. This person will drive the bus for software design/architecture principles and will be heavily involved in hiring the engineering team around them as we continue to grow.

About Propify

As a business, Propify provides a unified data model with a reliable and well-documented API for a fragmented and technically archaic Property Management Software industry.

Propify is a layer between finicky APIs and our customers who rely on the data delivered by these APIs. We provide reliability and a standard data model so PropTech startups can rapidly innovate without worrying about troublesome data integrations.

We are part of Y Combinator (W23) and were funded even prior to entering the program. We have identified an incredibly painful problem for our customers and have quickly become the industry-leading solution. The founding team is three startup veterans with pedigrees from Harvard, HubSpot, and LogMeIn, with the additional experience of having gone through an acquisition.

About the role

Propify is hiring a veteran engineer with demonstrated production experience creating, maintaining, and working with distributed systems, ETLs, horizontally scaled relational data, data security (SOC 2), network security, highly scalable cloud infrastructure, serverless and edge functions, building teams, and mentoring early engineers in a growing team environment.

Beyond the technical prowess listed above, we are looking for someone who has managed to remain incredibly humble, and who has come to embrace the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Minimum Experience

  • 8+ years professional engineer (after school)
  • 8+ years with modern languages (e.g. Node, Python, Java, Go)
  • 8+ years with modern relational databases (e.g. Postgres/RDS)
  • 5+ years cloud infrastructure design and implementation
  • 4+ years building ETLs
  • 4+ years distributed systems design
  • 4+ years horizontally scaled databases
  • 4+ years network security
  • 2+ years SOC 2 compliance


  • Design and implement cloud infrastructure for maximum uptime
  • Design and implement ETL system and associated integrations
  • Data and network security
  • Code reviews
  • Technical mentor for earlier engineers

Bonus points

  • Demonstrated experience as a technical lead who understands the value of clear communication for team alignment.
  • Experience integrating with SOAP APIs

You should know

We have had many great conversations with engineers who prefer Golang as their daily driver. Our primary daily driver language is Typescript/Node. While Go is an incredibly powerful and clean language, we have (for some strategic reasons) opted out of leveraging it at this time.


  • Remote always! (Work from an apartment in Boston or a yurt in Mongolia — as long as you have Internet, work from that place!)
  • Healthcare (excellent company-provided healthcare plan with options to choose from).
  • 401k (company-sponsored, professionally managed retirement plan).
  • $2,500 toward a new computer of your choice
  • Workspace budget (get up to $1,500 you can spend on items like chairs, desks, monitors, plants, etc.).

Why you should join Propify

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Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson
Ben Keller
Ben Keller
Remen Okoruwa
Remen Okoruwa