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Crypto Ops Lead [Product, Strategy & Ops] at Protocol Labs

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About the role

Crypto Ops at Protocol Labs

The Crypto Ops team is developing an extensible platform encompassing best practices, tooling, and applications to handle everything related to the movement of tokens and the execution transactions on blockchains including Filecoin and other networks. 

Key activities include : process optimization, systems design, crypto disbursements, blockchain accounting, financial reporting, compliance, communications, and other back-office activities in support of crypto business operations. 

This is a high-growth role for a strong operator, and will have a sizable, immediate impact on Protocol Labs.

In Product, Strategy & Ops at Protocol Labs, you will…

  • Improve execution of Crypto Ops by driving / tracking key strategic initiatives collaborating dynamically across Product, DevOps, Finance, Legal, and IT teams.
  • Build scalable systems (modules) to automate crypto activities.
  • Conduct internal and external research to understand best practices for crypto and adopt traditional financial best practices to crypto.
  • Define and develop the tooling & processes to automate and improve crypto operations.
  • Chart a roadmap for adding new capabilities to the team - based on internal needs or external research.
  • Seek out and drive partnerships with third-party providers including custodians, exchanges, and other 3rd-party providers.
  • Pilot programs such as lending that resonate with the ecosystem and set them up for long-term success.
  • Administer disbursements end-to-end.
  • Perform trades with exchanges or OTC desks.
  • Streamline reporting: daily balances, inflows & outflows, vesting projections, wallets management, wallet reconciliations, and deliver transaction reports to crypto accountants, or accounting systems
  • Manage wallet databases.
  • Build threat models, manage risk, and implement controls.

You may be a fit for this role if you...

  • Get Things Done:

  • Experience running your own startup or high-growth organization

  • Have 6-10 years of experience in, finance operations, fund administration, business operations & strategy, or management consulting

  • Pride yourself in being a self-starter, thriving even without much direction

  • Deep experience motivating and coordinating work across teams with different goals

  • Possess a swiss army knife of skills that you can quickly bring to bear to tackle a variety of emerging challenges

  • Execute quickly and have an ability to multi-task two or more complex efforts simultaneously

  • Project management skills and ability to lead across a distributed set of stakeholders without direct ownership of resources 

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Are a Critical Thinker:

  • Understand risks inherent to crypto networks

  • You get a kick out of aligning first principle thinking and data insights to make good decisions and achieve great results

  • Handle both complexity and ambiguity well

  • Strong analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills

  • Proven effectiveness driving complex multi-stakeholder planning processes, leading cross-team programs to desired results, and managing risk

  • Proactive systems thinker able to manage a high degree of complexity and to distill information, and able to think both strategically at a global level as well as effectively developing key processes

  • Are an Excellent Collaborator and Communicator:

  • Exceptional communication skills with a bias to action, and are an agile and creative problem solver with an ability to build relationships, drive alignment, and collaborate across functions

  • A rigorous, process-driven work style backed by an ability to communicate effectively

  • Ability to rapidly gain / build trust and confidence of stakeholders

  • Deliver and distribute information across multiple channels and mediums

  • Are an Optimist:

  • Cultivate a positive culture by passionately advocating for an inclusive and diverse working environment

  • Familiarity and passion for open source

Bonus points:

  • Experience with open source communities / projects, and distributed computing
  • Experience with distributed orgs
  • Background in software engineering
  • MBA or other post-graduate qualification preferred, but not required
  • Experience in management consulting

What’s it like to work at Protocol Labs?

Protocol Labs mission is to improve humanity’s most important technology, the Internet. We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. Today, we are focused on how we store, locate, and move information. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and more.

As a distributed team, we hire anywhere in the world, and at various levels of experience (entry, senior, staff). We look for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

We have a great benefits package, including parental leave, contributions to your retirement, competitive pay, and unlimited time off. For U.S.-based employees, we also provide platinum-level health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.

Why you should join Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs is an open-source R&D lab. We build protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the internet. Our products serve thousands of organizations and millions of people.

Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, Sourcecred, and many more. Today, we are focused on the Web3 space. Our projects center on distributed systems, cryptocurrencies, cryptography, and game theory. Long term, we hope to establish a lab capable of repeatable innovation, and we aspire to R&D breakthroughs that make human existence orders of magnitude better.

We are a fully distributed company. We have over 100 team members, we work with thousands more in open source, and we collaborate with 100+ organizations.

See our projects: and our labs: