Marketplace for Rare Coins & Precious Metals

Full Stack Engineer

$135K - $200K / 0.60% - 1.00%
San Francisco, CA, US / Berkeley, CA, US
Job Type
1+ years
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Trey Benedict
Trey Benedict

About the role

Hey all, we are hiring a full-stack eng to join us in building the first marketplace for rare coins and precious metals.

The industry is massive but incredibly fragmented and archaic; lots of the legacy players are years behind, which presents us with a ripe opportunity to innovate quickly.

We encounter a range of strange problems each and often deal with building lots of infrastructure tools such as data scrapers, live order books, and dynamic pricing models (& more!) to run our marketplace.

A typical day at Pure is much different than a day at a big tech company. Our team comes from a sneaker-botting background, we break the rules and make the rules as we go along, that included means we work long hours and often have to deal with stuff breaking.

If you find yourself familiar with Next.js & TypeScript then we would love to chat :)

We have great healthcare benefits, free lunch, offsites, and more. We will also happily pay a stipend to move you to the Bay Area.

About the interview

Four rounds.

#1 Intro/Behavioral with Trey (CEO). A quick 30-minute call to gauge interest, skill set, background, and work history.

#2 Techincal with David (CTO), One-hour call with basic technical stack questions & thought process.

#3 Deep Dive Technical with David (CTO), One-hour call with live Pure code, whiteboarding, and past project review.

#4 On-Site culture fit, One hour lunch and meet with Pure Team in Berkeley/SF.

About Pure

We are building a marketplace for rare coins and precious metals. Yes, physical coins, are made of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and palladium. We go against the grain of the industry, which is archaic and largely offline. We strive for Transparency, Liquidity, and Simplicity in the marketplace.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Trey Benedict
Trey Benedict
David Gordillo
David Gordillo