Tools for the future of pseudonymous, permissionless work.

Cryptography researcher & developer

$50k - $200k
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Any (new grads ok)
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Sriharsha Karamchati
Sriharsha Karamchati

About the role

Questbook is building the tech stack for a pseudonymous future of work. Hundreds of builders apply for grants on every month. Many of them ask to apply pseudonymously to save themselves from discrimination based on their sex, geography, religion and race. Some also want to hide their real identity to avoid getting in trouble with their day job.

We are building the tech stack that allows the users to use their credentials that they've accrued over time on services like Github, Twitter or their employer's internal websites - all so without revealing their real identity.

About the role

We are building a privacy preserving proof protocol to generate proof of credentials for users. We do so using the TLS session keys and a consensus mechanism. (Please contact me for early versions of the whitepaper)

The closest cousins for what we're building are and

You'll be best fit if

  • Proficient with cryptography involved in TLS, HTTPS, SSL
  • Able to write production ready code
  • Willing to work on low level networking stack
  • Node, Go experience

Sample projects

  • Implement a TLS handshake using nodejs
  • Build a proxy server that validates the HTTP headers' validity

You will be

  • Building protocol level libraries
  • Testing and debugging libraries
  • Theoretically proving security
  • Researching better implementations and expansions to the protocol

About the interview

Super simple process

  1. Interview to get a better understanding of each other (25 min)
  2. 1 week working together on a live project, paid part time
  3. Full time offer at the end of 1 week

In the one week of working together, you'll be working with a full time engineer. You'll be given a task from the roadmap and will be expected to complete the task in the 1 week sprint.

This will be exactly like how we operate if you had been full time. Our codebase is relatively young so wouldn't need much time to come to speed. All the hours spent on the project during the interview process will be compensated. Infact, immediately after the first interview, if we agree, you'll be on a part time contract for one week.

Why you should join Questbook

The future of work is pseudonymous and permissionless - aka, purely meritocratic. Anybody in the world, irrespective of their geography, race, sex, background should have equal opportunity to participate in the global economy.

Questbook is building the following tools and infrastructure

Team Size:18
Location:San Francisco
Sriharsha Karamchati
Sriharsha Karamchati
Subhash Karri
Subhash Karri
Madhavan Malolan
Madhavan Malolan