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Senior Cloud Engineer

$90k - $180k / 0.20% - 0.20%
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3+ years
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Nicolas Hourcard
Nicolas Hourcard

About the role

As a Senior Cloud Engineer, you will be a critical part of our growing company, leading the design and launch of a greenfield cloud-hosted database as a service (DBaaS) solution. Ideally, you have a background as a full-stack software engineer, and you specialize in cloud-native technologies, distributed systems, and orchestration platforms.


  • Create a multi-cloud offering for our customers from the ground up
  • Design and implement Kubernetes orchestration operator
  • Design procedures for troubleshooting and maintenance of the DBaaS system
  • Own the rollout and deployment to customers
  • Automating resource provisioning including compute and storage resources, logging, and monitoring
  • Automating resource management such as scaling data ingress and egress, load-balancing, and backups
  • Full task automation, such as resources provisioning, cloud backup, monitoring, scaling data ingress, scaling number of requests, logging, optimization of compute and storage resources
  • Build tools which reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Configuration of cloud network interfaces


  • 5+ years experience working with cloud technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of cloud architecture design (e.g., AWS Well-Architected)
  • Experience building scalable, resilient, and secured applications
  • Expert software development skills in either Python or Node.js / TypeScript
  • Proficient with Kubernetes
  • Experience with CI/CD & Infrastructure as Code (e.g., Terraform)
  • Experience with automated testing, logging and monitoring
  • Experience with load balancing/proxies, network architecture and security
  • Experience building a scaling public APIs
  • Experience with SQL
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Strong team player who is open to guiding colleagues on your areas of expertise

A candidate who has any of the following skills would stand out:

  • Experience with React
  • Experience with C++ and Java
  • Interest in low-level programming

Why you should join QuestDB

We have built the fastest open source time series database from the ground up to offer breakthrough performance for real-time analytics. We are the fastest growing database within the fastest-developing database category.

Developers rely on QuestDB as the analytic backbone of real-time systems ranging from FinTech to machine learning, IoT, and application monitoring. Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus and Yahoo deploy QuestDB for large-scale, data-intensive production systems, some of which serve close to a billion users.

Our HackerNews launch was the third biggest for an open source company at Y Combinator, and our open source repository has gathered more than 5k stars to date. We are a product-first company with a community encompassing more than 10k developers. We are a remote-first company backed by leading venture capital firms and Y Combinator.

We are 100% remote, backed by leading venture capital firms and building the team.

Team Size:7
Location:London, United Kingdom
Nicolas Hourcard
Nicolas Hourcard
Vlad Ilyushchenko
Vlad Ilyushchenko