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Fullstack engineer at Queue

$80k - $150k / 1.00% - 2.50%
Job Type
3+ years
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Jean-Philippe Gagnon
Jean-Philippe Gagnon

About the role

You will be working on a platform that will get very complex in the future. Imagine shopify for digital service providers, because that's what we're going to build. As a fullstack engineer, your job will be to make sure the backend (rails) and frontend (react) is working perfectly. You will work closely with the founders, QA, and other engineers to build a highly scalable infrastructure.


  • Work on the web app using rails and reactjs
  • Work closely with the CoFounders to get feedback and iterate accordingly
  • Keep in mind the company vision and user experience when building anything


  • Experience with ruby on rails
  • Experience with reactjs SPA applications

Culture requirements

  • You're agile. You're resourceful and a true hacker.
  • You have high communication skills and response time.
  • You have an open minded attitude toward feedback.
  • You're not an asshole.

Why you should join Queue

Queue is a platform that enables freelancers and agencies in the creative space to build an online business faster. We give you tools to get feedback on your work, paid safely, and scale your business to handle many more clients at once.


The vision of the company is to build a platform that makes it easy for anyone to provide their services online. We'll make it easy to handle everything from getting feedback, collaboration, and even getting paid. We're used by thousands of video production teams, esport coaches, and more.

Our culture

If there's one thing we value at Queue, it's feedback. If you're doing great, we'll tell you that you are. If you're not performing, we'll tell you and figure out a plan for it. We value fast communication and people who loves autonomy. The ones who are self reliant and says "idk how to do that, but i'm gonna go figure that shit out real quick".