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Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Description & Responsibilities

As a dev ops engineer, you will be working on things like setting up DNS, generating SSL certificates, configuring & troubleshooting blockchain nodes, orchestrating multi-cloud HA environments, benchmarking infrastructure for max performance, and even systematizing new chain deployments.

You will be responsible for ensuring the uptime of our network, which services more than 30 billion requests per month, through the use of software development, off-the-shelf tooling and monitoring. We also expect every engineer to spend at least one day on customer support to understand our customer better.

We’re looking for a self-starter, who is communication focused with a deep sense of ownership and a team mentality to collaborate on achieving the best design/architecture for our systems and infrastructure.

You can expect to meet on a daily basis to go over customer issues, task progress and design solutions. You’ll be working directly with the technical leadership team.

We need you to have experience with:

  • Setting up and maintaining CI systems (eg Github Actions, Travis)
  • Software Development in one or more of these languages: Python, Go, Ruby
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Linux / Bash Scripting
  • Popular Cloud Providers (Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, Heroku)
  • Monitoring / debugging system issues (Out of memory, I/O bottlenecks)
  • Getting familiar with and setting up software you may be unfamiliar with
  • Designing highly available systems with disaster recovery in mind
  • Documenting your processes and sharing knowledge

What you've likely done

These are examples of things we would like to have seen you achieve in the past - don't worry about a perfect 1:1 match:

  • Deployed infrastructure to multiple cloud providers
  • Written automation to manage infrastructure across locations and providers
  • Scaled infrastructure to billions of requests per month
  • Worked on a remote team of 10-15 people
  • Achieved 99.999% uptime over a year+ timespan

Why you should join QuickNode

At QuickNode, we are building infrastructure for the future of the Internet, the Web3.0.

Our mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure. We have a passion for Internet technology and building blockchain infrastructure that just works.

QuickNode powers DApps in #DeFi, #NFT, Crypto and many more exciting sectors. Our products empower users all over the world - servicing over 150 Billion requests per month.

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Come build infrastructure for the next evolution of the Internet -- Apply Now!

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