Quilt Data

Quilt manages data like code so that companies can experiment faster

Software Engineering Manager

$110k - $160k / 0.50% - 1.50%
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3+ years
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Aneesh Karve
Aneesh Karve

About the role

About Quilt Data

Quilt Data is a fast-growing early-stage startup building Quilt, an open-source data hub that enables enterprises to make smarter decisions faster. GitHub solved the problem of developers collaborating around code. Quilt solves the bigger problem of developers and non-developers collaborating around data. As a result of using Quilt, scientists, leadership, business users, and developers can bring drugs, models, and therapies to market faster.

About the Role

You'll work closely with the CTO to ensure the implementation product features at a high level of quality and on time for customer releases. You will turn high-level objectives into tasks and organize them into sprints. You'll hold developers accountable and nurture their development.

You will lead Quilt's highly talented remote engineering team. You will run the team's daily standup (currently 9PM PDT/7AM MKT). The timing is somewhat flexible, but strongly preferred to be in the morning for the developers. As the company scales, you will help grow the engineering team.

What we expect

  • Experience with agile project management
    • Plan sprints
    • Hold developers accountable
    • Manage software releases and quality control
  • Know your software engineering.
    • Have a strong CS background, in order to choose the right algorithms, systems, approaches, and patterns to solve problems.
    • Hit the ground running. Therefore, 3 or more years of industry experience is required.
    • Experience with Python and AWS
  • Act as a technologist.
    • Bias towards action and shipping. Once you’ve sketched out an idea, you find the fastest path to a prototype to prove the concept.
    • Strong ability to write production code quickly.
    • Be comfortable with a range of languages, open source tools, and frameworks. You are excited to learn something new when the need arises.
    • Be creative: you’ll come up with new ideas based on your broad understanding of technological possibilities and city domain knowledge.
  • Solve problems, together.
    • Come up with novel solutions, working well with non-technologists and others.
    • Ask hard questions and challenge assumptions to ensure that we’re solving the right problems.
    • Have the flexibility to work on the team’s most pressing problems.
  • Care; about our customers, getting data infrastructure right, solving hard problems, and making our team successful.

Why you should join Quilt Data

Quilt manages data like code so that companies can experiment faster

Quilt Data
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Aneesh Karve
Aneesh Karve
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore