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Senior Product Designer at Rabbet

$80k - $120k
Austin, TX / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Andrew Latimer
Andrew Latimer

About the role

Rabbet is looking for a talented Mid-Senior level Product Designer to join our Austin, Texas-based team in building intelligent software that simplifies construction lending. We are in need of an enthusiastic self-starter that is capable of designing pragmatic solutions to user problems.

As a startup, we pride ourselves on our pragmatism. We try to focus on directly answering user problems and focusing on building solutions that deliver the most value to a user rather than trying to make features that need to be "perfect".

We are on an ongoing journey of building out more robust user research processes, and a designer with experience in running user research would be a definite plus.

Core Responsibilities

  • Empathetically understand our users and drive empathy throughout our product team by acting as the voice of our users.
  • Push to gain a deeper understanding of why we're building what we're building.
  • Build mockups and design solutions that take into mind a pragmatic understanding of
    • user empathy
    • user value / priorities
    • difficulty / effort to build
    • consistency & scalability with our design system
  • Communicate and collaborate around designs through critique, brainstorming or other team discovery methods.
  • Communicate, collaborate and support designs through development and QA. Working with the dev and QA team to not only build the solution but to understand what and why they're building it.


  • Portfolio demonstrating an ability to understand complex user problems and build scalable solutions
  • The ability to think pragmatically about a problem and design solutions that maximize user value & minimize the effort to build
  • Ability to give and receive critique and have nuanced conversations around technical and complex functionality.

Bonus Skills (not necessary to apply)

  • Experience running user research exercises.
  • Experience working on a b2b product especially in finance or construction.
  • Experience working at a startup

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