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Have you heard of Ready Player One? We're building it for real people

Gameplay Engineer

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3+ years
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Andy Tsen
Andy Tsen

About the role

We're building Ready Player One for real.

We’re looking for an experienced gameplay engineer to join our team to work directly with us (the founders) to create the next reality together.

You are very fast at prototyping features, but understand enough about software architecture to scale to production level code. You love to solve complex, and shifting problem sets as the company grows.

You have extensive experience building optimizing client side game code to be performant, including draw calls, memory optimization, shaders, and polycount budgets

You have a thirst to learn extremely quickly, and be ready to wear a lot of engineering hats.

You possess a borderline irrational love of games. This is not just a job -- you are on a mission to create a believable world for millions to live inside.

Our goal is no less than creating the most immersive MMORPG experience ever created. We’re looking for engineers that are passionate about world-building, problem solving, and creating incredibly memorable gaming experiences for our players.


  • Architect, prototype, and build networked gameplay loops and systems on client and server.
  • Optimize client side performance to hit mobile performance budgets.
  • Implement VFX, SFX, lighting, environment and character art assets and animations.
  • Develop and script AI and enemy monster behavior, and encounters.
  • User Interface programming and design.


  • One or more shipped gaming titles, especially in VR.
  • 5 years of work experience
  • Strong, Unity engine experience.
  • Advanced C# programming skills.
  • Experience developing on network game architectures


  • A passion for making and playing games.
  • Experience with graphics APIs and shader languages.
  • Game design and theory
  • SpatialOS or Unity ECS development experience.
  • Online game and/or MMO development experience, including client/server development of game features.
  • Technical Art pipeline experience, importing, optimizing, working with environment and character artists.
  • Experience in game physics, game AI, game security, or netcode
  • Anime nerds, sci-fi buffs, game freaks, and fantasy geeks welcome!

Why Work At Ramen VR?

Create the next reality

Every startup claims they are changing the world. How often do you find one that's building an entirely new reality? Also, we're such a small team, that you'll be working from and learning directly from the founders every day.

We Love Games

Have a favorite game coming out? Take a day off on launch day. We'll even buy you the deluxe version of the game. Play the game, and just do a short write-up to teach us what you learned. Want to attend PAX or E3? Once a year, we'll schedule a corporate trip for anyone who wants to go and hang out, while working together.

Work Remotely

Need to walk the dog, take care of your kids, or just want to live where you are? Work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Company Game Jams

About once per quarter, travel somewhere in the world with us, and live in a big house together for a week, all expenses paid. Spend time working , playing games, exploring a new country, and growing together. (Postponed during Covid)

Own The Next Reality

In addition to healthcare and nice perks, we give above average stock options while paying competitive salaries based on location because we believe our early team members will have a huge impact on the success of our company. Your equity has huge potential upside. (Full-Time Only)

About Ramen VR

We believe that VR and AR will become the dominant computing platform in the next decade so we're building Zenith, the first massively multiplayer online roleplaying game to be cross platform for VR, desktop, and console.

But the game is just the first step -- we envision a future where people live, work, meet, and play in Zenith, a digital world limited only by our collective imaginations. That’s why Zenith is a social platform, not a game, and why Ramen VR is a technology company, not a game studio.

Ramen VR was started in early 2019 in the Bay Area by Andy and Lauren, gaming tech engineers with decades of combined experience at Google, Unity, OpenFeint, and some very successful mobile and social games.

We're funded by some of the best investors and gaming entrepreneurs in the world including Y Combinator, The Makers Fund, Twitch COO Kevin Lin, and Kabam Cofounder Holly Liu and also the most successful VR Gaming Kickstarter of all time.

We believe great games change the world for the better. Great games inspire creativity, teach grit, and most importantly, build community. If you believe that too, join us at Zenith.

*** Some TL;DR facts about the company ***

  • Funded by Y Combinator, The Makers Fund, Twitch COO Kevin Lin, and Kabam Cofounder Holly Liu among others.
  • Ran the most successful VR Gaming Kickstarter of all time grossing $280,000 in just over a month
  • Ex-Google, Unity, OpenFeint technical and product cofounders
Ramen VR
Team Size:21
Location:San Francisco
Lauren Frazier
Lauren Frazier
Andy Tsen
Andy Tsen