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Long range, wireless energy distribution that scales

Electrical Engineer

Redwood City, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Christopher Davlantes
Christopher Davlantes

About the role

Job Description --

This position on the hardware team will assist in the design, implementation, and deployment of the electronics for wireless power systems. This person will work closely with the software team to test and verify product requirements. They will also help explore new techniques and approaches to improve existing hardware through prototyping, developing proof of concepts, and investigating new technologies.

This is a developing position in a fast-paced environment. You will have a great deal of agency over your work and influence over the direction of the product. We’re seeking a creative problem solver with strong curiosity, and a passionate, proactive spirit eager to add value before it’s requested or identified by others.

Responsibilities --

  • Assist in electrical system design, analysis, schematic capture, prototyping, debugging, test, and support for multiple systems
  • Design high efficiency adaptive antenna networks (including phased arrays)
  • Perform component selection
  • BOM cost engineering
  • Review PCB layouts
  • Assist customers with integrating Reach technology into their products
  • Investigate and experiment with new techniques to improve our fundamental performance
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in microwave engineering

Qualities & Experience --

  • Must be comfortable assembling down to 0201 surface mount components and performing PCB rework.
  • Experience using spectrum analyzer, VNA, signal generator, oscilloscope, and logic analyzer
  • Experience in designing, fabricating, and debugging digital, analog, and RF circuits
  • Understanding of power converter topologies
  • Knowledge of RF engineering concepts and components
  • Ability to improvise solutions from available materials
  • Capable of learning on the fly and rapidly acquiring new skills
  • Strong communication and organizational skills to work collaboratively within a close team setting
  • High degree of pride taken in work

Benefits --

  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Health insurance coverage
  • 401K plan
  • High degree of autonomy and work ownership with strong action-to-impact relationship

About Reach Labs

We live in a world where “connected” no longer means attached to a wire. Reach Labs is introducing a new state of wireless power technology that cuts the cord and pulls us into an era no longer dependent on physical connections to power our lives and machines. Currently Reach’s long-range, collaborative system is transforming power transfer operations across industries to be more safe, effective, and flexible. Through this development we are building the utility to ultimately replace the aging electrical grid, and we’re interested in finding exceptional people to join us.

Reach Labs
Team Size:16
Location:Emeryville, CA
Christopher Davlantes
Christopher Davlantes