Software that helps ISPs connect more people to better broadband.

Software Engineer - Geospatial

$125k - $200k / 0.01% - 0.10%
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3+ years
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Mike Faloon
Mike Faloon

About the role

Hiring a Senior Geospatial Engineer as we scale our team at Ready and Broadband Money:

Ready is working to level the playing field on this century’s most important utility - making sure everyone has access to fast and reliable internet. And we’re taking a novel approach that’s picking up tailwinds. We need your mapping expertise (domain, tooling, systems, and optimization) as we expand the customer base and complexity of our platform.

This is a golden opportunity to join a fast-moving tech company in an industry poised to receive billions of dollars in federal funding – imminently. This means more customers are continuously seeking more from our mapping products. As a Geospatial Engineer at Ready, there’s an opportunity to play a big role in what we’re building. 

A bit about you 🥇

  • 5+ years related experience (software development, Geospatial engineering, GIS, etc.) with 2+ years building geospatial systems

  • JavaScript proficiency and enthusiasm; any experience with TypeScript or React.js is a plus

  • You’re organized, thoughtful, creative, and rigorous

  • Able to work efficiently and independently; proactive communicator in a distributed and often asynchronous environment

  • You enjoy building lean, inclusive, and performant teams and mentoring junior engineers

About your role at Ready ⚡️

  • Design, develop, and implement mapping systems and features

  • Own development, delivery, and continuous improvement of some parts of the system A to Z.

  • Work with customers to understand their problems. Work with your teammates to devise solutions to those problems.

  • You’ll have a major impact on your team and company here at Ready.

  • This role could become a leadership position within Ready as we continue growing together.

About Ready 🚀

  • Creative problem solvers approaching an antiquated system with a revolutionary viewpoint

  • Humble but ambitious, knowledgeable but curious, persistent but not obnoxious

  • Concise and effective in written and spoken communication

  • Comfortable working remotely

About what you get…

  • Competitive salary plus meaningful equity upside

  • Competitive (and ever expanding) benefits for employees and dependents

  • Opportunities to learn and grow – all things startups

  • A chance to play a role in defining the roadmap as we pursue a bold vision and and a big goal

  • Work from anywhere you want, as long as you can get great internet (and your work here at Ready helps make this true in more places).

  • To get away - we convene 2-3x / year for [optional, encouraged] retreats

  • We’re actively shaping our benefits program: have a say in which benefits matter to you

  • The charter to a build product in a market that is set to receive $65 billion in grant funding across the United States

Why you should join Ready

Ready builds software tools that help local internet service providers connect more people to better broadband services. Local ISPs connect more than 50 million U.S. homes to the internet today, but their businesses typically run on a mess of legacy systems, and as a result, they struggle to work effectively, and usually fail to deliver great subscriber experience.

With Ready, local ISPs get everything they need to deliver seamless subscriber experience – from finding & signing prospects in their geographic area, to onboarding and billing, to integrations with legacy data systems – all in one place.

If you’re a talented engineer looking for meaningful, rewarding experience, there are many reasons to consider joining Ready for your next chapter, including:

  • Constant engagement: large product surface area means there’s never a shortage of interesting, challenging, meaningful problems to solve.
  • Team motto is “builders building”: We strongly prefer shipping results to customers over heavy processes and lots of meetings.
  • Experienced founders and a culture of sharing mean there are plenty of opportunities to learn all about building startups, not just coding.
  • Aspects of the product are customer-facing enterprise tools, other aspects face the subscriber, a rare combo of B2B and B2B2C.
  • Remote team: work anywhere you want, as long as you get strong internet (and the platform we’re making helps make that true in more places).
  • We’re well funded, and place strong emphasis on revenue from customers – our ambition is to build a large and important company with many options down the road and minimal dilution along the way.
Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Mike Faloon
Mike Faloon
Jase Wilson
Jase Wilson