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Infrastructure Engineer Lead / Devops / Security at RealtyBits

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6+ years
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Umed Latifov
Umed Latifov

About the role

This is a key role at the company as we are getting ready to open up our platform for a wider audience and need a reliable cloud infrastructure to handle the upcoming higher loads.

As an infrastructure engineer you will be responsible for the reliability, availability and system security of the platform. You need to be well versed in building and maintaining cloud infrastructure on AWS using services such as Lambda, ECS (Fargate), Aurora, etc. Using automation, collecting performance metrics, setting up logging, tracing and notifications to avoid issues before they happen should be standard practices. You need to be able to manage bare metal linux servers, server-less architecture using Lambda functions, and PostgreSQL database on Aurora et al. We use tools such as AWS CloudFormation managed using AWS CDK, serverless framework tools and plain shell scripts to manage the architecture.

You will play a critical role for the company setting up the services to guarantee uptime, performance and security in the beginning, as the company grows you would lead the infra work as the team grows, so having experience from leading a team and manage people is important for this role.

If you have experience with fintech and/or blockchain technologies it is a plus but not a requirement.

Why you should join RealtyBits

RealtyBits is a hybrid cloud+blockchain platform to create and manage real assets offerings. Global asset issuers can setup their custom digital platform in a few minutes using our compliant and secure solution. Investors can be verified to make capital contributions using fiat or digital currencies. Our solution also provides a secondary market solution, where investors can conveniently liquidate their private holdings.