Reason Robotics

We're making off-the-shelf robot arms autonomous

Founding Software Engineer

$125K - $155K / 1.00% - 3.00%
Fort Worth, TX, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Kenneth Cassel
Kenneth Cassel

About the role

Build the software that controls our robotic arms. You should be exceptional at building and shipping software. One day you might be working on the server that allows us to remotely interact with our robots. The next you might be integrating a neural net grasp detection system into the software that controls the robot.

In general you'll be building software that helps us deliver useful robotic arms to our customers.

Startup experience is a plus. Founder experience even better.

We have a typical modern stack (Python, React, Postgres, Typescript, etc). Robotics experience not necessary, but a plus.

About Reason Robotics

We're building software that makes off-the-shelf robotic arms autonomous.

Tell a robot what do to -> the robot reasons about the task and decides what actions to take to complete it.

Reason Robotics
Team Size:1
Location:Fort Worth, TX
Kenneth Cassel
Kenneth Cassel