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Rapid medical data annotation

Senior React Engineer (India)

$45k - $60k
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3+ years
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Derek Lukacs
Derek Lukacs

About the role

Come build the software that will enable the next wave of innovations in Medical Imaging AI. We are building advanced interactive tools to enable Radiologists and machine learning engineers to annotate 3D medical images and rapidly train AI models.

We are looking for someone with experience and skill at building beautiful UIs from "scratch" (using some libraries of course). You should be able to implement UI designs with pixel perfect CSS and consistent behavior.

Desired skills:

  • Someone who takes personal pride in delivering high quality output both at the code quality level and the end user experience.
  • 3+ years of professional software development experience
  • 2+ years building SaaS products
  • Intermediate to advanced skill in React, typescript, and CSS (we use SASS, but pretty close to vanilla CSS)
  • Git, CI/CD, pull requests and code review should be familiar.
  • Jest / javascript unit testing

Example activities:

  • Take an existing UI page/component/feature and expand the functionality
  • Take an existing UI page/component/feature and improve existing functionality to look better, be more predictable and generally improve the end user experience.
  • Take a new feature and work with the team to carry it through all aspects of conceptual design, create wireframes and pass to our UI designer and iterate on designs, thoroughly designing all states. Work with other engineers to design the data format for the feature and figure out what data might be missing. Implement the feature with high quality react + css. Write automated tests at the unit/integration/end-to-end level to adequately cover the feature.

About the interview

What you can expect from the process:

  • 30 minute initial phone call for us to discuss your work experience and RedBrick AI
  • A 1-2 hour take home project involving debugging both the UI and stateful behavior of a react component based on a reference design. We will be evaluating for code quality and attention to detail in design implementation.
  • After you complete the project we will have a 1 hour call to debrief on the project, potentially asking for further modifications and further technical questions to probe your React and Javascript skills.
  • 1 hour culture / fit interview

Why you should join RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI is a SaaS platform for building medical imaging artificial intelligence. Our platform offers tools that help radiology AI teams create high-quality annotated datasets to train and validate their machine-learning systems.

We launched in November 2021 and now work with leading healthcare AI teams like Mass General Brigham, Qure AI, and Hyperfine. We have raised $4.6 million dollars from the world's best investors, including Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare will be a force for good - democratizing primary care, offering the first line of defense in under-staffed areas, and alleviating pressure on clinicians. We’re incredibly excited to **power the next generation of AI researchers from data to FDA-cleared AI systems.

RedBrick AI
Team Size:8
Location:Pune, India
Derek Lukacs
Derek Lukacs
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma