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Rapid medical data annotation

QA Automation Engineer

$18k - $22k
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3+ years
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Derek Lukacs
Derek Lukacs

About the role

Come build the software that will enable the next wave of innovations in Medical Imaging AI. We are building advanced interactive tools to enable Radiologists and machine learning engineers to annotate 3D medical images and rapidly train AI models.

We need someone to be enable our rapid pace of development by implementing and maintaining an end to end test suite in cypress.

Desired skills:

Someone who takes personal pride in delivering high quality output both at the code quality level and the end user experience. 3+ years of professional experience as a QA engineer or related role. Intermediate to advanced skill in javascript High level of organization Git, CI/CD, pull requests and code review should be familiar.

Example activities:

  • Manually test a new feature to catch defects before getting into production
  • Write automated End-to-End tests in Cypress to validate basic functionality of a new feature
  • Write use-case specific happy path tests that validates the application works for all of our individual customers.
  • Come up with creative and robust ways to automatically test our application
  • Communicate test failures in CI to developers, and assist with writing integration tests or unit tests to catch regressions sooner.
  • Contribute to feature and development planning, especially from the perspective of impact on existing features.

About the interview

  1. 30 minute initial phone call for us to discuss your work experience and learn more about RedBrick AI.
  2. A 1-2 hour take home project involving writing an end to end test in cypress. We will be evaluating for test readability, organization, and thoroughness.
  3. After you complete the project we will have a 1 hour call to debrief on the project, potentially asking for further modifications and further technical questions to probe your testing skills.
  4. 1 hour culture / fit interview.
  5. Reference check
  6. Final offer

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RedBrick AI
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Derek Lukacs
Derek Lukacs
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma