No-code test automation for web apps

Software Engineer at Reflect

Philadelphia, PA
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1+ years
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Todd McNeal
Todd McNeal

About the role

What is Reflect and why are we hiring?

Reflect is a no-code, cloud-based platform that translates manual end-to-end web tests into automated tests. It is the fastest tool for creating tests and the easiest way to maintain them.

Today, we are a small team of engineers with strong traction and growth, and most importantly, we have a crystal clear roadmap of what to build thanks to our loyal and vocal customers. Challenges we work on everyday include: scheduling containers, hacking on Chrome, defining real-time network protocols and building custom UI to orchestrate it all.

We have 100+ customers, are growing every month and raised $1.8M in seed money in 2020. We're backed by Battery Ventures, Craft Ventures and Y Combinator.

Your day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain features in our product areas:
    • Cloud-based browser to translate user actions into tests (Scala and Typescript)
    • Intuitive UIs to manage and orchestrate tests (Typescript and HTML/CSS)
  • Synthesize customer feedback and propose technical designs for new features
  • Own the design, implementation and maintenance of one or more product features
  • Respond to live site incidents with the rest of the team

The skillset you'll bring:

  • 2+ years of professional software development or equivalent experience
  • Advanced programming skills in one or more of:
    • Scala, Java, C/C++, Go, Typescript
  • Strong understanding of HTTP, REST and client/server architecture
  • Demonstrated ability of completing software projects, individually and as part of a team
  • Bonus points if you have experience with:
    • SQL, AWS, containers, browser technologies and web standards

What we value in our employees:

  • Intelligence we're solving a hard problem that requires deep analytical thinking
  • Humility & Flexibility we're a small company and everyone wears multiple hats
  • Work Ethic everyone can identify and solve problems on their own
  • Communication we're moving fast and interdependent; we must proactively communicate

Why we believe this is a great opportunity:

  • Competitive base salary + equity compensation, and generous health coverage
  • This is a hard technical problem with a massive reward for solving it
  • You will work alongside the founders everyday and will receive direct, one-on-one mentorship from a team with collectively 30+ years of software engineering experience
  • You'll have an outsized impact on the product and the company culture as we grow

Why you should join Reflect

Reflect ( is a no-code testing platform for web applications. Developers and QA testers use Reflect to create end-to-end tests for their web apps, and we let them do it 10x-100x faster than traditional code-based tools.

With the ubiquity of web technologies, and with so much of our day-to-day work going digital, it’s more essential than ever to provide software teams with better tools to ship software faster and with higher quality. One critical component to delivering software fast and with high quality is testing. With Reflect, our goal is simple: to be the best platform for end-to-end testing web applications.