App to help people quit or cut back on alcohol use

UI/UX Designer at Reframe

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3+ years
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Ziyi Gao
Ziyi Gao

About the role

To take Reframe to the next level, we're looking for a UI /UX designer to help us scale up tech & product offerings. Right now, we have an app with most of the core functions fully built out but that's just step 1. We'll be working together to rapidly bring to life a whole host of different features across different platforms, that require both creative engineering solutions & an eye for design, as we build out our ambitious eco-system to provide personalized, engaging, and habit altering experiences at scale.

Why you should join Reframe

Reframe is the future of digital behavior modification. Our mission is to help people break negative habit loops and unlock the best version of themselves - starting with Alcohol and we're growing crazy fast. In the last 3 months alone, we've grown over 800% and are currently helping 20K+ customers cut back on Alcohol use. We are now looking to help the next billion people Reframe the way they think and drink!