Relay Health

Relay Health

Peer support to overcome addiction – the modern AA

Relay is an app that helps people overcome addiction through peer support and accountability – starting with pornography addiction. It’s like if Alcoholics Anonymous were invented in 2024. For example, when someone is struggling in isolation, Relay matches them with 3-7 other peers with the same challenge, makes it easy to reach out for help when vulnerable, and enables change through shame-free accountability and facilitated connection.

Relay Health
Team Size:5
Location:Salt Lake City, UT
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Chandler Rogers

Chandler Rogers is the co-founder and CEO of Relay, where he leads product strategy and all things user experience. Having struggled with addiction personally, Chandler has a deep passion for helping people band together to find healing and change. Previously, he led product teams at two other startups, launching multiple 0 to 1 products. Originally from Washington State, Chandler earned a degree from BYU in Business Strategy with emphases in Product Management and Computer Science.

Chandler Rogers
Chandler Rogers
Relay Health

Jace Kendrick

Jace Kendrick is the co-founder and CTO of Relay, leading all of the engineering efforts for the team. Jace studied Computer Science and Business at Brigham Young University where he discovered his love for entrepreneurship and building new things. Jace is passionate about using technology to help improve people’s lives. Previously, he worked as a web and mobile engineer at Apple.

Jace Kendrick
Jace Kendrick
Relay Health

Company Launches


Most people struggle alone for years

And it makes it nearly impossible to see improvement. The person might turn to friends and family, but they overreact or aren’t able to effectively support because they can’t relate. On top of that, professional help or in-person groups can be expensive, and it takes a lot of courage to get there.

Even those attending in-person groups (e.g. AA) feel isolated between weekly meetings

For the minority who do join a group-based program, meetings are usually held only once a week — leaving participants largely on their own the other six days of the week.


Relay helps users…

  • Get matched into a team of 5-8 peers
  • Experience meaningful connection and avoid slipping back into isolation
  • Find shame-free accountability
  • Train emotional awareness and understand patterns/triggers
  • Throw a red flag (i.e. SOS) with a single tap to let their team know they need help when feeling vulnerable

Since launching in September 2021, 79% of our users have reported seeing improvement within their first month of using the app.

Why we’re tackling this

Members on our team have struggled personally with addiction and saw first-hand the power that comes from forming an effective team of peers for connection and accountability. We’ve also had many friends and loved ones who have dealt with these challenges, and so it’s a problem we’re deeply passionate about solving.