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Senior Fullstack Engineer - Backend Focus (Rails/React/AWS/K8s) at Release

$150k - $200k / 0.00% - 0.50%
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6+ years
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David Giffin
David Giffin

About the role

Release is looking for a Founding Member of the engineering team reporting directly to one of the co-founders.

This role will be responsible for developing software solutions in Rails and React. This would include, but not be limited to our backend api server, front-end UI, and our cli (written in Go). Your primary responsibility will be working on our large (100k+ lines), modern (Rails 6.x), backend api monolith. You will be responsible for architecting, designing and implementing sophisticated solutions for our customers. Rails experience isn't explicitly required, but experienced with a MVC framework and testing within one is.

Experience with Go, EKS and OSS projects are a big plus. You will have the opportunity to interface with customers from lead to implementation. As a senior engineering team member you'll be responsible for a high level of quality and driving solutions from start to finish. We use Release to build Release, so things you work on that improve your software development experience often translate one-to-one to our customer's issues.

In addition to engineering work and customer interaction you'll also be helping build the culture of the company from the ground up alongside the founders and the early founding team members. We are 100% remote, and well funded by top VCs.

Why you should join Release

Every company that is building software has to manage environments. This is time consuming and takes away from building things customers want. Most companies have one or few staging environments that become bottlenecks as code must run in staging before releasing to production. Applications are also getting more and more complex and development is getting harder to do on your laptop. Release solves these problems by making repeatable environments for every developer on every Pull Request.