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Erik Landerholm
Erik Landerholm

About the role

Release delivers Environments as a Service leveraging the power of Kubernetes and your cloud provider. The product development lifecycle often gets bottlenecked when teams don’t have ample environments to get their jobs done. Managing and creating new environments is a laborious task that many teams put off at the expense of product velocity.

The core concept behind the platform is the idea that Release-environments are plentiful and accessible to everyone throughout the development process. Developers, QA, product managers, sales operations teams and stakeholders will never bottleneck waiting on environments to get their job done. Release-environments are created automatically with a Pull Request or on-demand with a click of a button for even the most complex applications. With ample environments product velocity increases and teams can focus on customer solutions, not dev platforms.

We’re currently a growing team that is 100% remote. We’re well funded having just completed our Series A led by CRV and Sequoia, we have a rapidly growing customer base. Release is looking for a Director of Product that will be our first product management hire who will work closely with our founders and set the stage for the product organization moving forward.

What type of projects would I do in the first three months?

  • Review the current Release documentation and review and update for accuracy.
  • Create a standard approach and process for developers to include documentation alongside their code changes and commits.
  • Work directly with developers to author documentation for new product features.
  • Write and proofread technical blog posts.
  • Write documentation that can be used in the sales process for prospective customers.

General Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with engineers to draft/edit/proofread documentation. Documentation will be a mix of internal wiki for the Release team and our customer-facing documentation site.
  • Embed into the engineering team to understand the product set-up and usage.
  • Engineers will be crafting documentation alongside the Technical Writer.
  • Ensure documentation is ‘readable’ and easily digestible, maybe even fun too!
  • Create and oversee the documentation process: ** Create standardized templates for documentation. ** Generate a process for adding and maintaining documentation. ** Ensure consistent tone, voicing, tense, format, etc. ** Curate and create visual diagrams, images, and tutorial videos, as needed.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Can show examples of authoring excellent software documentation alongside engineers
  • Is experienced with information architecture for large documentation sets
  • Is adept at communicating technical concepts clearly and precisely
  • Is capable of using HTML, Markdown, Git, and command-line tools
  • Collaborative, curious, adaptable, willing to learn, teach, and improve

It’s nice if you have:

  • Experience using automated documentation tools
  • Familiarity with cloud tech, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
  • Familiarity with DevOps concepts and tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Prior technical coding experience with DevOps environments.

Why you should join Release

Every company that is building software has to manage environments. This is time consuming and takes away from building things customers want. Most companies have one or few staging environments that become bottlenecks as code must run in staging before releasing to production. Applications are also getting more and more complex and development is getting harder to do on your laptop. Release solves these problems by making repeatable environments for every developer on every Pull Request.

Team Size:4
Location:Los Angeles, CA
David Giffin
David Giffin
Erik Landerholm
Erik Landerholm
Tommy McClung
Tommy McClung