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VP, Online SME Sales at Reliance Health

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6+ years
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About the role

This role is tasked with prospecting for SME corporate clients, selling our product to them and closing sales, using digital platforms. You will be responsible for:

Developing digital acquisition action plans and strategies to achieve desired sales targets. Building and iterating a product that fits the market requirements of the target market. Driving SME customer acquisition and retention with digital channels as per business objectives. Monitoring and analysing sales trends to identify new prospects and sales opportunities to ensure that deployed infrastructure is fully utilized. Conducting competitive research research to establish competitors' strategies and developing counter measures to increase sales. Monitoring the completion of the end-to-end sales process - starting from client prospection to bill delivery. Using relevant metrics and measures to routinely monitor performance against targets and taking appropriate actions to ensure that targets are not only met, but also exceeded. Tracking and providing sales performance data to support management decision-making and providing professional advice and input to develop sales plans. Providing expert technical advice on sales to line reports. Establishing and managing performance expectations of reports. Mentoring and coaching reports on best practices in sales and excellent performance. Designing, implementing, delivering and managing SME sales training program for reports, as deemed necessary.

Why you should join Reliance Health

Reliance Health is a healthcare company using technology to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Through an integrated approach that includes affordable health insurance, telemedicine and a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities, Reliance Health offers innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of emerging markets.

We are also backed by some of the world’s most prominent investors including Partech, Y Combinator and Tencent