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Helping homeowners make money from their backyards by building housing

Mechanical Engineer at Rent the Backyard

Oakland, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Brian Bakerman
Brian Bakerman

About the role

We're looking for a mechanical engineer to help build out our construction robotics initiative. You will work closely with a robotics engineer to integrate robotics into our factory.

For the initial prototype project (subject to change based on input of team), we will be putting an ABB IRB 4600 Robotic Arm on a Linear Track to perform pick, place, and nailing of foam board insulation. We will be working to extend this functionality to encompass the majority of the external wall assembly.

By focusing on standardization, prefabbed components, and automation, Rent the Backyard believes we can change the way housing is built.

How you’ll spend your day

  • Work on getting initial robotic system ordered and setup in factory
  • Design part/mechatronic systems for rapid prototyping and implementation
  • Work with procurement on ordering parts
  • Plan for extensibility of system
  • Work on tweaking details of system and creating optimizations

What we’re looking for

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline, or equivalent experience.
  • 3+ years of industry mechanical engineering experience
  • CAD experience (3+ yrs in Solidworks preferred)
  • Extensive Mechatronics skills
  • Rapid prototyping, CNC, sheet metal design, plastics molding
  • Design-for-manufacturing
  • Can own mechatronic and mechanical designs
  • Can setup robotic systems from start-to-finish
  • Experience with ABB Robotics (IRB 4600) and Linear Track Systems is a plus

How to apply

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Please share your resume, two sentences about the most complicated system you’ve helped create, organize, or maintain, and anything else you'd like us to know

Why you should join Rent the Backyard

Rent the Backyard helps homeowners make money from their backyards by building housing. While new laws have made these accessory dwelling units (ADUs) a lot easier to permit, they’re still expensive and take a long time to build. By building our own Tesla-inspired housing factory, Rent the Backyard manufactures homes twice as fast as homes built "on-site" and helps lower the cost of housing.

Working at Rent the Backyard is an incredible opportunity to be an early hire at a well-funded, quickly growing startup that’s radically reducing the cost and environmental impact of housing.