Rent the Backyard

Helping homeowners make money from their backyards by building housing

Factory Operations Lead at Rent the Backyard

Oakland, California
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

We’re looking for a Factory Operations Lead to help Rent the Backyard grow, run as efficiently as possible, and be involved with all levels of daily operations.

You’ll work with Rent the Backyard’s President to help promote the implementation of factory process improvements to help scale the factory to $10M+ of unit output.

How you’ll spend your day

  • Identify tooling and equipment to reduce time on task
  • Identify and develop process improvements to reduce time on task
  • Scale factory procurement processes
  • Identify quality control and safety issues and systematically address the problems
  • Provide oversight and guidance to projects of high importance.
  • Help manage the company's housing factory's operations.
  • Assist with developing and implementing an effective factory process

What we’re looking for

  • Self-driven and willing to get your hands dirty
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • A “can do” attitude and willing to take on tasks of any size
  • Strong people skills with the ability to work across different levels of management
  • Strong ability to break down complex tasks into more manageable parts
  • A need to constantly improve and do better
  • Strong written communication and editing skills
  • Simple-moderate data analysis skills (building and using dashboards, cohort analysis, etc)
  • Nice to have: familiarity/experience with real estate
  • Experience in factory operations

How to apply

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Why you should join Rent the Backyard

Rent the Backyard helps homeowners make money from their backyards by building housing. While new laws have made these accessory dwelling units (ADUs) a lot easier to permit, they’re still expensive and take a long time to build. By building our own Tesla-inspired housing factory, Rent the Backyard manufactures homes twice as fast as homes built "on-site" and helps lower the cost of housing.

Working at Rent the Backyard is an incredible opportunity to be an early hire at a well-funded, quickly growing startup that’s radically reducing the cost and environmental impact of housing.