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Platform Engineering Manager at Replit

Job Type
6+ years
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About the role

We are building a world-changing platform where people go all the way from writing their first lines of code to starting their first businesses. As a product and technology-focused startup, we have grown to millions of users via word of mouth, and we need someone that will positively impact our continued growth.

In this role, you have an opportunity to get in at the ground level of a high-growth startup and guide our platform engineers to new heights. You’ll have an immediate and long-term impact!

Note that the listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you're a talented hacker but don't really fit the requirements, then get in touch anyways.

Position: Engineering Manager (Platform)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Start out as & stay a strong platform engineer: 
  • Design/implement container-based remote development services 
  • Design client-server RPC protocol 
  • Design/implement universal tooling protocols (e.g., debugging, LSP) 
  • Build and scale container orchestration solution for live-deployment 
  • Work on operational-transforms-based collaborative editing 
  • Design/implement cloud development APIs and SDKs 
  • Deploy and operate server clusters (DevOps)
  • Set team priorities with input from the rest of Replit
  • Help team members grow through constant feedback in 1:1s
  • Hire more awesome platform engineers
  • Find and overcome technical and organizational bottlenecks
  • Ensure the platform team keeps making bold moves as it grows

Key Qualifications

  • Experience leading successful teams
  • Comfortable having hard conversations as soon as they are needed
  • 6+ years backend or fullstack experience
  • Good product and design sense
  • Comfortable debugging production systems (instrumentation, monitoring, etc.)
  • Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously

Bonus Points

  • Experience building Platform/Infrastructure/Runtime as a Service
  • Security expertise

Job Location

Global (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)

Why you should join Replit

We're building a first of its kind developer platform that can be used to learn and practice programming, build and deploy applications, and share and discuss with a community of peers. We realize this is an ambitious plan, but we think it's high time someone built this. There is no good reason for the insane fragmentation in programming tools today -- someone learning to code needs to learn at least ten disjointed tools and platforms to do anything interesting with programming.