UI marketplace for the web

Founding Software Engineer (React, Node)

$100K - $150K / 0.10% - 0.75%
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US; CA)
Job Type
1+ years
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Noah Gilmore
Noah Gilmore

About the role

Replo enables companies to build websites with less code. The team is building the world’s first platform and marketplace for creating and distributing the UI building blocks of the web — enabling commercial teams to build ultra-customizable websites like lego blocks.

At its core, Replo is building the world's first web component app store + visual editor built on React

Product Demo

🌆 Location Preferences

We're open to remote positions, but for this role, we prefer if you're located in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, or within +/- 3 hours of these timezones.

Replo was founded by Yuxin and Noah in 2021. They've been friends since freshmen year studying Computer Science at Cal. They've raised over $2.6M from YCombinator, Infinity Ventures, MAGIC Fund, as well as the founders of NextJS/Vercel. Noah was previously principal engineer at Plangrid, Yuxin ran the Commerce team at Uber.

Your responsibilities

Build products across our stack (using React, Typescript, and more) that enable our customers to build differentiated user experiences online

Work with the other engineers on our team to execute on projects big and small together (from fixing bugs and improving the usability of the Replo Editor, to creating an SSR publishing flow for Replo components)

Collaborate directly with our customers to ship stable, maintainable code while iterating as fast as possible

Hopefully have a blast working with us 😇

Looking for someone who

Has experience building performant frontend web applications (at least 2 years of professional experience)

Has a very product and customer focused mindset

Is experienced in Typescript, React, HTML, CSS

Understands the value of writing clean, maintainable software, including documentation

Is comfortable with ambiguity and defining software architecture patterns to solve customer pain points

Is self-driven and can roll with the punches in a fast-paced environment where priorities and requirements may change frequently

Bonus points if you have

Not wasted hours interview-prepping on Leetcode 😭

Worked at or founded an early-stage startup previously

Have experience with modern center-stack React frameworks like Next.js or Remix (the founder of NextJS/Vercel is one of our investors)

Experience in Python or other programming languages, or interest in learning

An eye for visual design (or past experience in product design, Figma, etc)

About the interview

Intro Call

You'll chat with Noah, our co-founder and CTO, so we can learn more about your background and experience and determine whether Replo would be a great fit.

Programming Screen

You'll do a 1-hour pair-programming exercise with one of our engineers where you'll implement a feature for a small example app. The goal will be to get insight into your problem-solving ability and learn more about how you think about programming and your experience with React and frontend technologies

Virtual "On-site"

You'll do two more interviews - another engineering/programming exercise and a non-coding interview with our other co-founder. After this, it's reference checks and offer stage!

Why you should join Replo

Today there’s millions of e-commerce businesses built on platforms like Shopify but developing websites for them is still a terrible experience. Engineers have to be involved in every change and can’t even use basic frameworks like React.

Our product is a drag-and-drop editor for visually building React applications, starting with e-commerce. It’s backed by our super-flexible content management system and commerce APIs which integrates with 3rd-party platforms, including product, subscription, and user-defined data.

Our founders have worked together for 10+ years and previously held principal engineer + management roles at companies like Uber, Plangrid, Autodesk, and Yelp. Replo is backed by Y Combinator and folks in the e-commerce and open-source community, including the creator of NextJS.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Noah Gilmore
Noah Gilmore
Yuxin Zhu
Yuxin Zhu