Visual development for React, starting with e-commerce

Head of Growth

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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Noah Gilmore
Noah Gilmore

About the role

About Us

We’re building the world’s first visual CMS for e-commerce. The web is a very exciting place today, but building great user experiences is still slow, complicated, and often expensive. Marketing, design, and engineering teams all have to collaborate together to create content, but complex code and 15+ year old tech on platforms like Shopify create huge headaches for teams.

What You'll Be Doing

  • As the head of growth, your single objective will be to build and drive Replo's go-to-market. You will lead the efforts on improving organic growth and increasing visibility through online content.

  • Define, track, and implement core OKRs and KPIs for the team.

  • Report directly to the co-founders, but in reality working along side us and keeping us accountable!

  • Identify organic and paid opportunities to drive more leads and deal-flow

  • Being a critical part of design, product, and marketing roadmap

  • Build a strong brand and community around designers and e-commerce marketing teams

  • Establish customer profiles and build trust in our content, community, and brand

  • Speaking out when you see something you disagree with

  • Hopefully having a blast working with us 😇

Looking for someone who

  • Has prior experience in e-commerce/D2C. Either at an agency, brand, or another e-commerce SaaS company.

  • A storyteller. Deep empathy for users, able to adapt how you communicate to best reach your audience

  • Passionate about product and tech. Keen to learn about how things work and are able to explain technical concepts in ways that everyday people can understand

  • Can collaborate and communicate effectively with our team and our customers

  • Is self-motivated and can roll with the punches in a fast-paced environment where priorities and requirements may change frequently

  • Is 100% product and customer obsessed

Bonus points if you have

  • Know a bit about code and have past experience working with engineers and designers

  • Have a background working with e-commerce companies or SaaS operating in e-commerce

Why you should join Replo

Today there’s millions of e-commerce businesses built on platforms like Shopify but developing websites for them is still a terrible experience. Engineers have to be involved in every change and can’t even use basic frameworks like React.

Our product is a drag-and-drop editor for visually building React applications, starting with e-commerce. It’s backed by our super-flexible content management system and commerce APIs which integrates with 3rd-party platforms, including product, subscription, and user-defined data.

Our founders have worked together for 10+ years and previously held principal engineer + management roles at companies like Uber, Plangrid, Autodesk, and Yelp. Replo is backed by Y Combinator and folks in the e-commerce and open-source community, including the creator of NextJS.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Noah Gilmore
Noah Gilmore
Yuxin Zhu
Yuxin Zhu