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Content Marketing/Writer (Market Commentary, Equities and Crypto)

$75k - $120k / 0.25% - 0.50%
New York or San Francisco
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1+ years
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Kevin Fu
Kevin Fu

About the role


Repool makes it easy to create and join hedge funds for everyone. We're modernizing an antiquated, fractured space and democratizing access to investment management for talented retail traders and traditional emerging managers alike.

Founded in 2021, Repool is a Y Combinator S21 fintech with $3.7M seed round from firms like Canaan, Matrix, and Global Founders Capital, as well as angel investors including founders from unicorns like Brex, Jeeves, Mercury, Flexport, Outschool, Pilot, and Forge, and VPs from Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and Bank of America.

We're currently 7 employees split between NYC and SF.


We're looking for a talented writer to join our content and marketing team. You'll be responsible for writing high-quality, thoughtful, and engaging content for Repool's 'regular' blog and our market commentary site. We aim to provide entertaining content (think the readability and engagement of viral content on WallStreetBets, but more proefssional) with insights and quality not commonly available to the regular public (i.e. we think Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch, etc produce very mediocre content).

You'll work closely with Jess, who spent 8 years at Goldman Sachs as a trader, most recently on the IG Credit desk, and Clair, our VP of Marketing.

This role is ideal for someone early to mid-career with a passion for investing and finance, deep research, and high intellectual horsepower. Pay and equity relative to the content writing space will be extremely competitive.


  • On a weekly to bi-weekly cadence, you'll write educational, sophisticated content such as market primers that cover key investing concepts, or opinionated, data-driven commentary on market trends and happenings.
  • On a closer-to-daily-but-not-necessarily-daily cadence, you'll write shorter, entertaining content about finance and crypto happenings
  • Work with the marketing team to help drive viewership and newsletter/blog subscriber acquisition
  • (optional) As an early stage startup, one of the benefits is wearing multiple hats/getting wide exposure, and if you want that, we are happy to find ways to help you gain exposure wider than content writing if you desire.


  • Experience: At least 2 years of full-time, post-college professional experience, not necessarily, but ideally in a content/research oriented role
  • Willingness to learn: You'll need to become a formidable expert in the finance, trading, and crypto space; naturally, we don't expect anyone to come in at the level we want them to get to over time
  • Excellent writing skills: Writing concise, intelligent, and highly readable content is second nature to you.
  • Creativity: Our goal is to create a content brand and content strategy that we think doesn't exist, so simply mirroring other players won't suffice. We will contribute as much as we can, but we'd like someone who is creative and interested in pushing novel content ideas.


  • Passions outside of work!
  • SEO optimization and management experience
  • Previous finance experience (tradfi or fintech)
  • Previous startup experience
  • A passion for investing, creator economies, and/or finance


Despite being a very early stage startup, you'll find that we provide benefits better than most companies our stage. We don't want joining early to mean critical concessions in security or your well being. Consequently, we're proud to offer:

  • Highly competitive salary and a meaningful equity stake
  • 100% covered, top-of-the-line health insurance, dental, and vision
  • 401k
  • 100% covered life insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability insurance.
  • HSA and FSA company contributions
  • Commuter benefits
  • Optional critical illness, voluntary life insurance supplement, accident, and hospital insurance options
  • Unlimited PTO


  • Culture. Between the two of us, we've been at companies with great culture, okay culture, and bad culture, and while there's no one way to have an amazing culture, there are many ways to have bad cultures. We want Repool to be a transformative, inspiring, and enjoyable place to work, and we're really interested in hiring for other people who feel similarly.
  • Reasonable expectations. We're early stage, and there will certainly be challenges and expectations here that go with that, but we also don't expect you to sell your soul to us or have no work-life balance. We will never call you family, and we will never ask anything of you that we would not have found reasonable ourselves when we were employees
  • Building great product and moving quickly. Our operating philosophy is to seek the truth, debate earnestly, and then - lastly, decide and go.
  • Becoming more formidable. Whether it's in 8 years or 2 years, we know it's unlikely that Repool is the last stop of your life and professional journey. We care deeply about supporting you in using Repool to get to whatever's next.

Why you should join Repool

Part of Y Combinator's Summer 21 batch, Repool makes it easy to create and join hedge funds for both talented retail investors and traditional emerging managers.

We're attacking the legacy fund services space, which is already a multi-dozen-billion dollar industry, yet comprised almost entirely by antiquated, manual-workflow heavy incumbents with human-capital intensive workflow. There's an immense opportunity for disruption as a true first-mover (see Angellist's $4B valuation doing something very similar with venture) that's incredibly exciting, and investors agree - just two months after being founded, we raised $3.7M in our Seed round from top investors like Canaan, Matrix, and Global Founders Capital, with angel investors like the founders of Brex, Mercury, Jeeves, and Forge.

Repool is an extremely transparent company with a focus on making sure we provide a transformative career experience for our employees - regardless of our own growth trajectory. We care deeply about avoiding common startup pitfalls and building a strong, reasonable, and formidable culture that helps employees with their next step, whether that be in 2 years or 10 years, and whether that be as a manager or IC. We also think that we are - given the space we're in - taking on some truly novel fintech and regtech challenges that are intellectually interesting no matter where you sit in the org.

At Repool, you'll closely with two founders who have robust prior operating experience at extremely successful growth startups. Justin was a senior and early engineer at Brex, where he was known for being an exceptional project manager and particularly strong at solving complex regulatory challenges via engineering. Kevin was the Head of Revenue and employee #4 at Vitally, where he lead the team to a Series A from a16z.

Come join us! Or, at least, think about joining us :)

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Justin Carrao
Justin Carrao
Kevin Fu
Kevin Fu