VR simulations for operations, maintenance and construction teams.

Full Stack Web Engineer

$80K - $120K
Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Angel Alonso Say
Angel Alonso Say

About the role

We’re hiring a fullstack engineer to own the web app powering our enterprise-grade simulation software. You will be responsible for our web APIs and front end components.

What We Do Today:

  • Work across a stack consisting of C++, C# (Unity), Node.js, Mongo, and React. This role focuses on the Node/Mongo/React part of the stack.
  • Have independence to come up with solutions that balance velocity and elegance
  • We don’t shy away from hard problems if that’s what is needed to deliver true value
  • Feel pride and accountability in the code we ship
  • Dive into new fields outside our comfort zone

What We’ve Worked On:

  • We’ve built the best-in-class simulation software for industrial buildings on standalone VR devices by creating novel file formats and rendering techniques. Over $30B in construction projects around the world have used Resolve.
  • Helped companies like Bayer and Meta use VR to review new construction projects for their facilities
  • Developed a system for loading and rendering some of the largest construction files (500M+ polygons) on standalone VR hardware like the Oculus Quest (FB used Resolve to demonstrate Quest 2 performance at the Oculus Keynote last year!)
  • Created the first VR integration for Autodesk BIM 360, the leading cloud platform for hosting building data
  • Developed workflows to help our customers get the most out of VR even when they’re not wearing a headset - like automatically generated PDF reports and integrations with industry leading issue tracking systems

What We Need Help With:

We need an engineer who will take ownership of the web components that empower Resolve customers to manage their projects.

  • Manage web services on various providers like Heroku, AWS, and Azure
  • Develop and maintain functionality for a React based front end
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs to enable our customers to seamlessly add Resolve to their existing workflows
  • Develop CI/CD pipelines for reliable deployment of web services and local testing
  • Investigate new methodologies and technologies that will improve the product’s reliability, user experience, and development velocity


Where is Resolve headquartered? We are a 100% remote team. We’re currently distributed across the US, UK and New Zealand!

So, remote is a-ok.

How will Resolve make money? We’re already making money! We’ve been proud of delivering significant value to our customers that they’re willing to pay for our software on an annual basis. We can tell you specifics in an introductory call.

Is Resolve funded? Yes, our investors include Y-Combinator, Metaplanet, GFR, CyberAgent Capital, GFO Companies, Great Oaks Capital, Greg Castle (an early Oculus investor), and Tracy Young and Ralph Gootee (the cofounders of Plangrid), and more.

What makes Resolve so special? Resolve has developed a custom model engine and file format to stream large 3D data sets to wireless VR headsets like the Oculus Quest. Unlike other software in the industry we don’t require people to have a high-end gaming GPUs or cut up their model into chunks. And it’s all automatic so we’re not a 3D studio creating bespoke experiences. We’re targeting the Oculus Quest today, but we believe the future of immersive technology will be untethered and look similar. So we’re making sure we’re learning what it takes for people to be productive with these devices today.

What’s the tech stack? This role will primarily focus on our web services which primarily use Node, react, and Mongo. There are also some Redis and SQL components for specific integrations.

Other parts of our infrastructure include cloud workers that run C++ code that process 3D meshes so that they’re efficiently transmitted and rendered on wireless VR devices. The end user interfaces with the software through a Unity app. We use Unity to build an APK that runs on the Oculus Quest (Android variant) and an EXE that runs a Windows companion app on the desktop for those without a VR headset. We also have C++ plugins that run on the client app to efficiently handle 3D data at runtime (sometimes we need to do things faster than Unity does out of the box).

About Resolve

At Resolve we’re building the future of simulations using immersive technology like VR and AR. Today, Resolve helps bridge the communication gap between people who operate buildings and those who design and build them. We've built the most robust application for reviewing industrial facilities on wireless VR devices like the Oculus Quest - our customers love it because it just works even with complex 3D building models.

From data centers to cutting-edge biopharma facilities, Resolve provides a collaborative virtual environment for operations & maintenance teams to review and interact with 3D building models at full scale - decreasing late stage changes during the construction process and delivering a safer, more easily operable building.

Our customers' facilities contain a multitude of complex systems which require careful coordination and review to ensure the building is completed on time and within budget. To prevent rework and increased building maintenance costs, Resolve fixes the broken system of screen-sharing 3D models and 2D floorplans with the operations teams that inherit the building and, instead, gives them easy access to their 3D building models before concrete is poured.

Team Size:7
Location:New York
Angel Alonso Say
Angel Alonso Say
Russell Varriale
Russell Varriale