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Team Size:4
Location:San Diego, CA
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Eduardo Mussali

Eduardo is a 4x founder with 3 exits and 13 years of experience building consumer startups. Before YC he founded one of the leading boutique fitness studio brands in Mexico, growing a team of +200. Before that he managed the launch and Latam expansion of Deezer a music streaming unicorn. He also had one of the biggest exits in Latam (at the time) when one of his startups got acquired by Just-Eat.

Eduardo Mussali
Eduardo Mussali

Company Launches


Superteam enables e-commerce businesses with action-based AI to provide instant customer service and conversational sales at a fraction of the cost.

Here is how it works:

The problem

Over 50% of e-commerce stores are small businesses with less than 10 employees. They struggle with customer service due to budget constraints and often lose potential customers because of slow responses and negative experiences. Larger e-commerce sites need help managing the right team size to handle thousands of customer queries during peak times.

The solution

We developed advanced AI models to automate critical tasks in e-commerce, such as handling customer queries, processing orders, managing payments, scheduling appointments, and providing shipping updates, and integrated them into a user-friendly admin dashboard that integrates with Shopify, allowing businesses to easily manage their orders, customers, and products while monitoring the AI's performance.

⚙️ How it works

The AI displays products, answers questions, handles payments, and gives shipping updates via messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, Email, and soon iMessage). This helps businesses provide value and convert leads into customers from anywhere.

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