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Founding Engineer / CTO (Full-Stack) at Rinse

$125k - $225k / 1.00% - 5.00%
San Francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Casey Harlin
Casey Harlin

About the role

Founding Engineer / CTO (Full-Stack)

Rinse (S21) used Bubble.io to build its no-code MVP. Now we're looking to our first hire, a founding full-stack engineer, to phase out our no-code solution. This is a hands-on senior role that will assess the situation, determine the appropriate technical stack and architecture, and build a v2 either on their own or with the help of a small team they recruit.

We're a (very) small but well-funded startup backed by YC, Optum Ventures, PJC, Global Founders Capital, and Liquid 2.

What you'll do

Our no-code MVP allowed Rinse to move quickly and learn a lot over the course of YC. You'll work directly with the founder to unpack those learnings and design and build the next version of the digital experience. From a technical perspective, you're starting from scratch and you'll have the autonomy to make decisions and move quickly on stack and architecture.

What you'll build

  1. Beautiful, easy-to-use, mobile first consumer experience for booking, onboarding, tele-dentistry, and an oral health record. The oral health record would be a visual record using tooth maps, etc. the challenge of which is capturing a retrospective view, a current state view, and a risk profile of the patient based on the data we capture.

  2. EHR/Practice Mgmt. solution that automates insurance tasks, makes it easy for studio staff to collect health data (x-rays, intra-oral images, etc.), and for dentists to provide high impact online exams. You'll explore opportunities in AI/ML and figure out ways to hack integrations with notoriously antiquated industry incumbents.

What we're looking for

  • A former technical founder or early hire with 4+ years of relevant experience.
  • A love for the pace, energy, ambiguity, and scrappiness of an early stage startup.
  • A strong background in computer science with a degree in CS or a related field.
  • Experience building/managing technical teams.
  • An unrelenting need to solve real customer problems, turning over an industry in the process.

Why you should join Rinse

As consumers, most of us recognize that going to the dentist sucks. Dig a little deeper and you’ll start to understand why… It's a broken, fragmented industry full of antiquated tech, outdated science, and financial incentives that push the treatment we’d all rather avoid.

At Rinse, we’re not interested in an incrementally better approach to dental - we want to redesign and rebuild the industry from the ground up. Early and well-funded, join Rinse and be a part of the most ambitious startup in the industry's history and work with passionate experts poised to make it happen.

Backed by Y Combinator, Optum Ventures, PJC, Global Founders Capital, Liquid 2, and more.