Software to run car washes moving to a monthly subscription model

Full Stack Engineer

$150k - $225k / 0.20% - 0.80%
New York, NY / Remote ()
Job Type
3+ years
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Austin Esecson
Austin Esecson

About the role

As an early (first ten engineers) Full-Stack Engineering hire at Rinsed, you will have the opportunity to lead the technical aspects of new product development and make important strategic decisions alongside the founders.

  • As a founding team member, have the opportunity to create the DNA of the product, team, and culture
  • Join a lean, developer-focused organization
  • Own end-to-end engineering and product goals

Suggested background

  • 5+ years experience (experience with Ruby and Rails a plus)
  • You are eager to dig in across all parts of the software stack and build with a focus on the user
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are adaptable to a fast-growing environment with a high tolerance for ambiguity
  • You have an attention to detail and desire to write clean, quality code, but know how to balance that with speed given we're a startup
  • You have experience writing automated tests (TDD a plus) and care deeply about creating well-tested and maintainable software
  • You want a high degree of autonomy and ownership, independently making good decisions for our customers and the business
  • You have a strong sense of engineering craftsmanship and a track record of building creative solutions to complex problems

Why you should join Rinsed

We are building software to run the $15bn Car Wash industry.

We're a B2B SaaS company, providing car washes with all the tools they need to transition to a subscription model. Modern car washes are fully-automated tunnels that can wash over 200 cars / hr and they are moving from selling single washes to all-you-can-wash subscriptions. We are giving this $15bn underserved market the tools to manage and grow their subscription revenue.

We are a small team, just raised our Series A from Founder's Fund and Bedrock Capital and are currently installed at over 800 car washes nationally helping to manage more than 2 million car wash memberships. What we've built so far is just the beginning. Get to be part of the founding DNA of building a great product, a great culture, and a great company.

Fast facts

  • 200 million people get their car washed professionally every year in the US
  • A subscriber is ~8x more profitable for a car wash then a one-off customer
Team Size:15
Location:New York
Austin Esecson
Austin Esecson
Nic Hippenmeyer
Nic Hippenmeyer
Sam Logan
Sam Logan