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Full Stack Engineer at Rosebud AI

$50k - $140k / 0.01% - 0.10%
Remote / Remote
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6+ years
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Lisha Li
Lisha Li

About the role powers a suite of apps to help creatives make content. Tokkingheads, our most popular app (2 million IOS downloads, all organic, high retention) allows any portrait/photo/face to be animated in seconds with no skill. Creators use Tokkingheads to make memes, deepfake parodies, NFTs, and most notably make their family and friends feel special with photos of past loved ones animated (1.8M views #tokkingheads hashtags). We’re a team of PhD researchers, creatives and engineers backed by Y Combinator with our seed led by Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures with participation from Balaji Srinivasan (Former CTO Coinbase and A16Z GP), Ilya Sutskever (cofounder/chief scientist Open AI), Kevin Lin (cofounder COO Twitch), and Kun Gao (cofounder, CEO Crunchyroll).

Why Join us?

-Join a Rocket Ship! -Ship products that delight millions of users while having direct product impact on a small team (2 million downloads in over 180+ countries). -Do cutting edge ML and full stack work -Create the impossible, and make AI creative and fun to use. -Fully remote--live anywhere! -Work with passionate, motivated individuals

Why you should join Rosebud AI

We're democratizing the creation of visuals, so that brands big and small can tell their story compellingly. We believe all image and video creation will be done via generative methods in 5 years. We're building that future.

Currently marketing teams and creative agencies use Rosebud to make infinite variations of people in their ads so they can target by detailed demographics. We can take an image of a 65-year-old woman driving a convertible down the Amalfi Coast and programmatically modify it into a 25-year-old Chinese woman or a man going through his midlife crisis.