Simplifying complex illness care at scale

CTO with experience scaling digital health technologies

$150k - $250k
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6+ years
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Jennifer Curtin MD
Jennifer Curtin MD

About the role

We are a seed stage startup focusing on building an end-to-end complex illness management solution. We are seeking a CTO that has experience leading product building efforts in the digital health space who can serve as a thought leader in scaling treatment for complex illnesses (such as Long COVID, ME/CFS, POTS) through technology.

We need a CTO who: has a blend of technical and product experience, has experience building engineering teams, iterating on early stage products, leading technical and product efforts in a seed or series A startup. Above all, we are looking for a partner with an owner's mentality that will be essential for the realization of our product vision.

The perfect fit for this role is someone who is looking to make an impact on patients that have been suffering from difficult conditions without appropriate care. A candidate with lived personal experience caring for a patient or was/is a patient themselves is a plus!

We are open to having someone join the company full time or part-time and are open to candidates who prefer fully remote, hybrid, or in-person work.


  • Lead design and development our core products which will allow our diagnostic and treatment offerings to serve every patient in the US
  • Responsible for the technology architecture and technical leadership of the organization
  • Make architecture decisions to ensure a strong, stable, and scalable product
  • Build out our tech stack and engineering hiring plan
  • Lead product roadmap efforts in partnership with leadership team


  • Early-joiner equity
  • Competitive salary
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k matching
  • Option for fully remote, hybrid, or in-person work
  • Full time or part time

A little bit about us: RTHM is backed by Y Combinator, Overwater Ventures, and Khosla Ventures. We have a team of over 20 employees, 14 full time, who work in a mix of fully remote, hybrid, and fully in-person. In addition to our clinical efforts in treating patients with complex illnesses, we have also built out our own diagnostic lab that will start commercializing exclusive laboratory tests in mid 2023.

Our founders: Dr. Ryan Kellogg is a pioneer in personalized medicine leveraging multi-omics and wearables data from Stanford with lived experience in some of the conditions we treat. Dr. Jennifer Curtin is a physician expert with lived experience in the conditions we treat and has years of experience managing the patients in our target markets - she is part of the expert clinician panel that writes the US clinical guidelines for ME/CFS.

Our vision: We envision a world where complex illness care is broadly accessible and effective, enabled through advances in technology for measuring health in high resolution over time. That is why RTHM stands for Real Time Health Monitoring.

About the interview

Intro video call Video call with the founders to discuss the role and if it's a good fit for you. and the interview process requirement for a quick outline of a strategy you would take to scale a digital health product like ours globally. This will be discussed after you have met with our technical and clinical teams - so you can ask them any questions that may influence your thoughts on the best strategy based on their current stage, hurdles, and skills.

Technical team interview Video conference with our technical team to introduce you to the systems we are using, some key hurdles we are facing, and to assess your communication preferences, leadership style, and technical skills.

Clinical team interview Video conference with our lead clinicians, clinical staff, and patients to see how you communicate with non technical stakeholders, how you well you can understand their pain points, and how you communicate your ideas for solutions back to them.

Management team interview Video conference (or in-person, if preferred) with the co-founders and CFO to answer any questions or thoughts you may have so far in the process and to review the solution you would propose for one of the 3 hurdles we are facing after your interactions with the founding, technical, and clinical teams.

Optional lab/office tour (not required) For those who are interested in hybrid or in-person work at our office/lab in Redwood City, CA - we can set up a tour so you can see the location and meet the local members of the team.

Timing The process takes about 30 days, mostly dependent on the availability of our clinicians. We can move faster if you have a short timeline or another offer. Any information you can provide regarding your timeline, competing offers, etc. can help our team expedite your interview process, match another offer, or save you time if we cannot.

Why you should join RTHM

Team Size:14
Location:Redwood City, CA
Jennifer Curtin MD
Jennifer Curtin MD
Ryan Kellogg
Ryan Kellogg