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Andrios Robert
Andrios Robert

About the role

As a Developer Advocate, you will be responsible for building a strong developer community around Runops. In addition to advocacy, you will also have shared responsibilities for user education and community engagement.

The role will include writing a lot of content, tutorials, and docs and being active on the chat, social media, and even running online events.

You will have a significant impact on our users' developer experience, as well as our community and public image.

As a developer advocate, you will:

  • Initiate new projects and technical integrations between Runops and tools in the broader ecosystem. Build demos, webinars, white papers, and tutorials about emerging technologies and industry developments.
  • Collaborate with internal teams on the product roadmap, market positioning, messaging, and developer program initiatives.
  • Gain industry recognition and credibility as an attendee, panelist, and speaker at conferences and events.
  • Deliver compelling presentations, product demos, sample solutions, technical blogs, and discussions to drive the adoption of Runops.
  • Scale, extend and drive the global expansion of existing community-focused programs, for example, Hackathons, User Groups, and Meetups.
  • Build relationships with community enthusiasts in the field to improve the experience of the developer community.

What we're looking for:

  • Experience writing code, contributing to and understanding the community aspects of developer tools. You don't need a Computer Science degree, but you should be able to create sample projects and code tutorials.
  • You enjoy networking and speaking -- we're looking for someone who is energized by meeting new people.
  • Stand out verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-starter with the ability to succeed in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.
  • A track record of speaking at conferences and meetups and the examples to back it up is a plus.
  • Previous experience working with developer tool products is a huge plus.

Why you should join Runops

Come help fix the broken tech from the 80s that protect our data today.

Data privacy is so broken because systems to protect data are terrible. Companies are using technologies from the 80s (RBAC/VPNs) to protect our data. A company with 100 engineers has 50,000 RBAC policies to manage only for AWS EC2 service.

Runops is a client to databases, AWS, Kubernetes, and others. Users access Runops from Slack, CLIs, Web, IDEs, and others. We make accessing cloud resources easier than installing multiple clients and using VPNs. We leverage APIs and contextual data to make authorization decisions. By making security easy we fix data privacy.

The worst thing that can happen to an engineer is to get paged out-of-hours only to realize they can't fix the problem on their own. They did all the hard work of waking up, debugging the problem, and finding a solution. But when it's time to apply the fix, they don't have access. Time to call a DevOps engineer to get permission or have them run the patch.

DevOps means developers run their own code, but how can a developer operate a piece of software if she can't access the database, the cloud provider, or the Kubernetes cluster? Only a handful of people has access to these resources at most companies today.

This problem is not just bad on out-of-hour pages. DevOps teams centralizing raw access to production are bottlenecks to the whole engineering team. A simple query in the database to troubleshoot a problem can take hours for the busy and sad DevOps team to process the request in their queue.

It's not ok to keep making direct updates to the database or change things in the AWS console all the time. CI/CD and infrastructure as code are great tools. But direct access will happen no matter how much automation a company has. Restricting raw access to a few engineers results in bad culture incentives and an environment with low trust and autonomy.

Runops democratize access to production to enable DevOps. We fix this problem by adding security and compliance into easy-to-use clients. Runops enable any engineer to make production access with security and reliability.

How we work

  • Our team is fully distributed
  • We use async-first written communication
  • We assume you are not at your computer
  • We invest time on design to make sure the user experience is great
  • We opt for simplicity for users at the cost of engineering complexity
  • We reduce the number of decisions a user makes no matter how complex the system will end up
  • We open-source the pieces of our system that could be useful to the community or bring transparency to how we do things
Team Size:2
Location:São Paulo, Brazil
Andrios Robert
Andrios Robert