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Ruth Health delivers 30-minute, online physical therapy sessions to help the 83% of womxn who pee in their pants post-pregnancy. With our postpartum Pelvic Training + Recovery Sessions, moms around the globe with pelvic floor prolapse can get back to work, sex, and normal life 5x faster. Using conversational data + biometric readings, Ruth Health is accumulating the largest, most diverse maternal health database on Earth—which will help us improve health outcomes for mom + baby.

Since joining the Y Combinator S'21 batch in June 2021, we accelerated to a revenue-generating global Postpartum Pilot with 40% WoW growth, 70% retention rate, urgent demand to hire several new clinicians + a team of engineers, and been accepted into the prestigious United Healthcare Techstars Accelerator.

Ruth Health
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Location:New York
Alison Greenberg
Alison Greenberg