Consumer Health Services


Global social safety net for remote workers

We are building the first global safety net on the internet. That includes things like health, disability and pensions, available globally for remote workers and remote teams.

Sondre Rasch, CEO

Co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing (YC W18) and SuperSide (YC W16). Formerly economics interested and policy advisor for the government of Norway. Generally into rationality, effective altruism, Karl Poppers theory of knowledge and consequentialist libertarianism.

Sondre Rasch

Sarah Sandnes, CTO

Norwegian based in NYC, with comp sci, math and startup background. Consider myself a pretty optimistic rationalist. I'm into reading, cooking, nutrition, health, exercise, nootropics, longevity, and creating a world with more equal opportunities - made a lot more possible thanks to the Internet and remote work. I'm also a singer-songwriter. I hope we soon will have a great president in the US and put a lot of effort into Andrew Yang's campaign, and I'm planning to do the same for a 2024 run.

Sarah Sandnes

Hans Nyvold Kjellby, COO

Hans Nyvold Kjellby

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