Use personal data for analytics and ML, safely and seamlessly

DevOps at Sarus: privacy-preserving AI & analytics

Paris, France
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3+ years
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Vincent Lepage
Vincent Lepage

About the role

The mission

We're looking for a capable candidate with strong technical skills and engineering drive who could design and lead our devops effort.

You will be integrated in the software development team, and you'll be responsible for making our software reliable and easily available to our clients.

Your main missions will be:

  • design and implement a packaging & delivery strategy for Sarus, for cloud or on-prem infrastructure
  • ensure our software integrates smoothly with Clients' infrastructure, including Kubernetes, Open-shift, bare-metal servers etc.
  • own the CICD process & promote best practices to developers to improve CICD

With a rich and diverse mission, you'll work under the CTO, in close relationship with our Data Science R&D department. You will:

  • Write efficient, reusable and documented code to ensure stability and maintainability
  • Follow the whole Product development from design to delivery
  • Define and deploy best practices

What you will find at Sarus

  • A lot of impact on the product
  • Exciting topics, as data privacy is hot and our research & implementations are State of the Art
  • A welcoming culture, looking for excellence and accomplishment but willing to train and onboard everybody
  • A true seed-stage startup experience

About the interview

informal introduction call with CTO to know each other and validate there could be a fit. There is no or very little technical questions during this call (beyond: "what tech did you use ?")

1 or 2 technical interviews with CTO & dev team: the goal is really to understand what is your level of technical knowledge for the skillset we're looking for. We typically talk about one of your past experience & ask technical questions (trying to go from easy to hard).

1 interview with co-founders: this is more a culture-fit interview, just checking that what you're looking for in terms of culture is what we can offer

Why you should join Sarus

At Sarus, we believe that the potential of data and AI for society can only be realized if it does not come at the cost of privacy.

We are developing a solution to carry out analytics and AI on sensitive data with true privacy protection without changing anything to the analyst's experience. We implement the latest research in privacy-preserving technology, especially differential privacy, to make re-identification impossible. By alleviating the constraints of data access, we make innovation faster, safer and more powerful, especially in the fields of healthcare, finance, and sustainable cities.

Sarus was founded in 2020 by three seasoned entrepreneurs with strong engineering and scientific backgrounds. Since then, we have raised over €3M, delivered breakthrough science, hired an outstanding team, published innovative approaches to privacy-preserving AI, built a great product and signed key accounts.

Excited about building the future of data and privacy? Reach out!

Team Size:16
Location:Paris, France
Maxime Agostini
Maxime Agostini
Nicolas Grislain
Nicolas Grislain
Vincent Lepage
Vincent Lepage